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Spider-Man: Triple Threat

Image One of the main decorations of the Comic-Con convention, many critics have recognized the presentation of the blockbuster " Spiderman ". Despite the fact that the filming of the film started only at the end of last month, Marvel studio decided to present to the public a cut of the already filmed material.

The first half of the video shows everyday school life at Midtown High . Thanks to the events of Captain America: Civil War, Spider-Man has become a true YouTube star , but Peter Parker has to portray an ordinary teenager. He communicates with his best friend, makes an enemy and stumbles upon a cold reception from the girl he likes. The second half of the video shows that his alter ego is doing much better: Spider-Man climbs walls, engages in dizzying pursuits and fights bad guys.

At the end of the video, the visitors of the convention were able to see a couple of shots with the participation of the main antagonist of the film. To allay any doubts about who Parker will have to fight, Marvel and Sony have decided to publish concept art for the blockbuster. The drawing confirmed the rumors that had been floating since mid-April that the young hero's rival would be Vulture .


Word also spread throughout the festival that Tom Holland's hero will face two more villains. Insider information was shared by one of the representatives of the company Diamond Select Toys , which produces toys based on the upcoming blockbuster. According to him, the film will feature Shocker and Artisan . The first made his debut in the graphic novels about Spider-Man in 1967. Herman Schultz nicknamed Shocker has no superpowers, but he has unique gloves that emit powerful vibrational waves. The second antagonist also first appeared on the pages of comics about Peter Parker . Nickname Craftsman hides a brilliant inventor Phineas Mason , able to create a deadly weapon even from improvised items. In the world of Marvel , he became famous for making costumes for famous villains.


It should be noted that the official representatives of Marvel and Sony are in no hurry to confirm the information about the presence of three opponents of the title character in the plot of the film.

The new " Spiderman " will appear on USA screens on July 6, 2017 .

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Author: Jake Pinkman