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Long-awaited suicides and the ”best” Almodovar: watch this week

Image The list of premieres for the next week includes only one project from the USA. Movie fans following the news of the box office have already guessed that this is an extremely hyped blockbuster Suicide Squad , where Oscar-winning actor Jared Leto will be introduced as the new Joker , and charming blonde Margot Robbie will be reincarnated as a naughty Harley Quinn .

Most likely, for director David Eyre, the release of this film on the world screens will be the finest hour in the blockbuster segment, because until now he shot very good, but still not so sensational films. Meanwhile, American financial analysts predict that the bad guys' team will collect at least $ 100 million on their first rental weekend (and only in the USA and Canada). If Suicide Squad succeeds in repeating the success of Deadpool, the bosses Warner Bros. will surely throw a festive party, because in this way they will finally slightly improve the image of the movie comics of the DC universe in the eyes of the audience.

Suicide Squad
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In the meantime, the expectations of USA viewers from the premiere are quite high. Despite the fact that the first photographs of the updated Joker were greeted by old-school fans of this character more than cool (his appearance was even compared to the image of a woman of easy virtue on stimulants), the advertisement did its job. The film has not yet been released, and images of the green-haired antics now and then flash on T-shirts and even on the bodies of young moviegoers in the form of tattoos. This means that we want it or not, but the image has gone to the people. The same thing is happening now with the mad Harley . In general, even if a novelty does not meet someone's expectations, it will still become an event and will be remembered as one of the loudest successes (or failures) of 2016.

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Do you want to follow the lead of the PR people and use another chewing gum for the brain? Then check out the new film by Pedro Almodovar Juliet . This project is unlikely to please someone with special effects, vigorous music and dizzying stunts, but there will definitely be a lot of dramas, tears, women, mental anguish and red. If you are already a connoisseur of the iconic Spanish artist, then you will surely appreciate his luxurious return to the format of a classic melodrama, in the center of which is the relationship between mother and daughter. If you have not yet studied Spanish cinematography, then this picture can just act as a very informative business card. Critics Juliet loved it, and some of the film researchers even recognized it as the best work of Don Pedro to date.

Revenge From Couture
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The next novelty came to us from distant Australia, and you probably haven't heard anything about this tape. Meanwhile, Kate Winslet and Liam Hemsworth played the main roles in the comedy drama Haute Couture Revenge . The project, directed by Jocelyn Moorhouse, tells the story of a glamorous woman who returned to her hometown backwater many years after she was accused of murder there. At first, the townspeople greeted her coolly, but, having learned how cleverly the main character handles cloth, scissors and her wit, they change their opinion about her to the opposite. Despite the fact that the project is obviously aimed at a female audience, it may well be of interest not only to fans of Kate and Liam , but also to those viewers who like simple good stories ,

And if everyday life turned out to be so difficult that you can't help a light dramedy, take the children and go watch cartoons - this is where your head will rest in full. Since August 4, two animation projects will start in our box office at once: "Where is the dragon?" (joint production of Hong Kong and China) and Chinese "Polar Adventures" . The first cartoon will tell about the journey of a little girl to the country where the zodiac signs live, and a brave adventurer in their company will save the world. The second animated film is a refreshing story about the inhabitants of Antarctica, who will be led to great friendship by the need to protect their homeland from external enemies.

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