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Banderas and Baldwin to host a supercar race

Image Antonio Banderas and Alec Baldwin are ready to become giants of the auto industry - the actors have signed up to take part in the filming of the biopic Ferruccio Lamborghini , an Italian businessman and creator of the legendary supercars. The website The Hollywood Reporter reports about it.

Michael Radford, who has just recently worked with Banderas on a biographical drama about Italian singer Andrea Bocelli, agreed to take the director's chair of the new project. Radford is nominated for Oscar for The Postman, and his other films include The Merchant of Venice, Dancing in the Blue Iguana and 1984.

The biopic Lamborghini will be based on the biographical book Ferruccio Lamborghini: La storia ufficiale , written by Tonino Lamborghini, the son of a businessman. Oscar winner Robert Moresco (Enzo Ferrari) is adapting the original.


The project, tentatively titled Lamborghini: The Legend ( Lamborghini: The Legend *), tells about the life of Ferruccio , starting from the days when he studied tractors, military equipment and ending with the creation of the legendary "Lamborghini" . For greater accuracy, the film will be shot in Italy and other parts of the world. Antonio Banderas will appear as Ferruccio himself, and Alec Baldwin will play his rival Enzo Ferrari, who once said that the tractor manufacturer has no right to criticize his cars .


AMBI Media Group planned to start filming last summer, but the project ran into difficulties. According to producer Monica Bacardi, the future picture will shed light on the personal life of Lamborghini , who was an avid fan of luxury in all its forms, women and a stellar lifestyle.

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