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Fantastic Teddy Bear

Image Last year, moviegoers met the cute bear Paddington from dense Peru, and this acquaintance turned out to be so fruitful that the producers immediately began work on the film's sequel. Now another bear cub will go to the big screens for an exciting adventure.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that CBS Films is filming Don Freeman's classic children's book Teddy Bear , and talks about to lead the filming of the adaptation, directed by Tim Storey . The scriptwriter for the project has not been found yet.

Early in his Hollywood career, Tim Storey directed such comedies as The Barber Shop and The New York Taxi, and then tried his hand at superhero on the Fantastic Four set. Among the latest works of the director are the films "Mission to Miami" and "Think like a man 2". If we count the rental fees of all Storey films, then they exceed $ 1 billion .


The speech in the book Freeman is about a teddy bear who goes on a journey through the department store one night to find a lost button, because without it the bear cannot find a new home and a desired friend.

To date, tens of millions of copies of the book have been sold around the world, and since its publication in 1968, it has repeatedly hit the lists of the best literary works for children.

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Author: Jake Pinkman