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Hollywood will send baseball legend on a psychedelic trip

Image The producer of the biographical military drama "For reasons of conscience" is ready to tell the audience the life story of another curious historical figure. According to Variety , David Permut is starting work on a film about the famous baseball player Doc Ellis .

During his career in the North American Major League Baseball ( MLB ) Ellis managed to win the championship ring, take part in the All-Star Game and enter the elite list of pitchers who managed to get the players of another team not to make a single hit in the whole game. In the 140-year history of professional baseball in America, the so-called know-hitter was achieved only 295 times. Doku is also famous for his courageous statements about the need to fight for racial equality.

However, Ellis gained even more popularity in the media after he completed his path in the world of sports. In 1980, he announced his retirement from baseball, and a few months later ended up in rehab. As it turned out later, throughout his career, Doc abused alcohol and drugs.


Once Doc admitted that he designed his legendary know-hitter under the influence of LSD. On June 12, 1970, Ellis confused the days of the week and only a few hours before the start of the game remembered that it was time for him to go to the stadium. By that time, he was already under the influence of a psychedelic. Miraculously arriving at the sports arena by taxi, Ellis decided to try to offset the LSD effects by taking dexamil. As a result, the game turned into a drug trip for him, during which the ball constantly changed in size, the referee assumed the appearance of President Nixon, and Jimi Hendrix played for the opposing team.


Ellis barely managed to overcome bad habits, but the consequences of a stormy youth could not but affect his health. Doc died in 2008 from liver failure.

The script for the film belongs to Joseph Poach, who previously worked in the world of short films. David Permut intends to give the post of project consultant to the son of the famous athlete - Doku Ellis III.

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Author: Jake Pinkman