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Sequel to Tomorrow's Edge is ready to go to work

Image Despite the fact that many critics recognized the action movie “Edge of Tomorrow ” as the best sci-fi movie of 2014, the adaptation of the light novel by Hiroshi Sakurazaki did not generate much interest among American viewers. The $ 178 million US blockbuster grossed only $ 100 million . Luckily for Warner Bros. Studios, Doug Lyman's film managed to improve its financial position through worldwide distribution. Residents of other countries contributed $ 270 million to the fantastic action movie, thanks to which he was able to get to the level of formal self-sufficiency.

Two years ago, Tom Cruise announced that he was ready to return to the image of William Cage and has already come up with some interesting ideas for the sequel. Last spring, authors of the biographical drama Willpower, Joe Shrapnel and Anna Waterhouse, began creating the script for the film, and Doug Lyman gladly accepted the invitation to return to the director's chair of the blockbuster.

Since then, the director has managed to intrigue the fans of the original with the words that the second part will become both a sequel and a prequel to " Edges of the Future ". In a new interview with Collider , the director shared another interesting piece of news about the progress of the project. “We came up with an absolutely amazing story, admitted Doug . -I love the first movie, but this time it will be even cooler. The second picture will be called “ Live. Die. And again ... And again ”. Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt are looking forward to filming. The project has already been given the green light, and now it only remains to decide when we can start working. ”


The words of Lyman make it clear that in the second film of the franchise, viewers should hope for the return of not only William Cage , but also the magnificent Rita Vrataski performed by Emily Blunt . The official name of the sequel " Faces of the Future " is also of considerable interest. The slogan “Live. Die. And again"was first actively used in the promotional campaign of the first part, and then again appeared on the hearing after the completion of its theatrical release. The thing is that for the release of the picture in digital format the studio WB decided to use a new name - “ Live. Die. And again: Edge of the future ".


Fans of the 2014 film can only hope that the director and actors will be able to coordinate their filming schedules soon. Tom Cruise is currently working on the sixth installment of the Mission: Impossible franchise, and Emily Blunt is busy filming the Disney musical Mary Poppins Returns. As for Lyman , his immediate plans are to create a comic strip about the Dark Justice League.

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Author: Jake Pinkman