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Gerard Butler will save the president again

Image Three years ago, viewers first met the special agent Mike Banning in the action movie The Fall of Olympus. In the second part, "The Fall of London", the hero of Gerard Butler went to the capital of Great Britain, where he defended the lives of world leaders. Although the sequel received less flattering reviews from critics than the first film, it earned $ 195.7 million at the box office, which means that a sequel was inevitable.

As the informational site Deadline has learned, Millennium Films has launched the third part of the franchise, called Angel Has Fallen ( Angel Has Fallen " *). It is known that Gerard Butler will return to the role of Banning . The script for the triquel has been entrusted to the creators of the series, Creighton Rothenberger and Catherine Benedict, but the director for the project has not yet been found.

Agent Mike Banning , who has provided security for the American president for most of his career, will be targeted by criminals in the upcoming movie. The latter will set out to destroy half of Washington, and the president himself, whose plane is code-named Angel ...


The rest of the cast has yet to be announced, but since Millennium Films plans to start filming early next year, news of the project won't be long in coming.

* -preliminary translation.

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Author: Jake Pinkman