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Casting: Zendaya - to study, Handler - to lawyers

Image While the relationship between a friendly neighbor and his new love in Spider-Man is just nascent, Tom Holland's on-screen girlfriend is not wasting time. According to Variety, Zendaya will star in the film A White Lie ("Harmless Deception" *). The project is based on Karin Tanabe's The Gilded Years, which focuses on the true story of African-American Vassar College graduate Anita Hemmings. Despite her origins, the girl had a fairly fair skin that allowed her to attend school in the 1890s, get into high society and have an affair with a wealthy student from Harvard.

The script for the upcoming film is being written by Monica Beletsky (Fargo), while Reese Witherspoon and Zendia herself are responsible for the financial side of the project.

Zendea's career began with teenage sitcoms on the Disney Channel. Very soon, the actress can be seen in the company of Hugh Jackman and Zac Efron in the biographical drama The Greatest Showman.


Californication star Evan Handler joins the cast of the indie drama Foster Boy by Youssef Delar, written by Jay Paul Deratani. Matthew Modine plays a successful corporate lawyer whose company has a government contract and is required to find foster families for orphans. The main character's measured life is disrupted by the appearance of one free case involving a nineteen-year-old African-American criminal Jamal. Handler got the role of the corrupt Collins - the head of the legal team of the defense. The drama will be produced by Deratani and Peter Samuelson.


Alan Iceinberg ("It's a Very Funny Story") will accompany Jennifer Lopez in the romantic comedy Second Act. Peter Segal has been selected by STXfilms to direct, with Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas to write. Milo Ventimiglia has recently joined the cast. The film focuses on a cheerful hypermarket worker (Lopez) who is struggling to prove that being able to survive on the street is much more important than having a university degree.


And Nicholas Golitsyn landed a role in Pippa Bianco's unnamed project, based on her 2015 short film, Laid Out on the Net. Distribution will be handled by the A24, while Scott Rudin, Tyler Byrne and Carly Hugo will finance the filming.

* - preliminary translation.

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