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The Real Beverly Hills Special Agents

Image Studio Paramount has decided to educate viewers on the intricacies of undercover agents. According to The Hollywood Reporter , the bosses of the Hollywood major have completed negotiations to acquire a script for an unnamed comedy about the FBI from Lauryn Kahn , who previously worked in the world of short films.

The details of the plot of the picture are kept secret. It is only known that its central characters will be two FBI special agents who have to pretend to be a married couple and take part in a glamorous reality show in the spirit of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" ( The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills ), to get on the trail of the organizers of the illegal sweatshop.

Jake Zimansky will take the director's chair. The comedy "Wedding Frenzy", which was released on USA screens earlier this month, can give an idea of the director's talent.


The project's production team will include Oscar-winning director and screenwriter Adam McKay (The Short Game) and acclaimed comedian Will Ferrell.

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