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List of Zhabinsky. Zoo Keeper's Wife Trailer

ImageHolocaust remembrance is essential so that our children are never victims, executioners or indifferent observers,” famous Israeli historian Yehuda Bauer once said. The most important merit in the fact that millions of people do not forget about one of the most terrible crimes against humanity belongs to the world of cinema. In the spring of next year, it will give viewers the opportunity to learn an amazing story about the feat of the owners of the Warsaw Zoological Garden - Jan and Antonina Zhabinsky . We present to your attention the voice-over trailer for the biographical drama " The Zoo Keeper's Wife ".

Today the Warsaw Zoo receives over a million visitors a year. It is terrible to imagine that 77 years ago one of the largest menageries in Europe was literally on the verge of destruction. In September 1939, the zoological garden was almost destroyed as a result of a series of German bombing raids, and soon after the signing of the act of Poland's surrender, almost all valuable animals were taken out of it.

When the Nazis began to create the Warsaw Ghetto, Jan and Antonina Zhabinski began to hide Polish Jews in the empty enclosures. During the Second World War, the fearless zoo keepers managed to save the lives of more than 300 people.


The director's chair of the historical drama was taken by New Zealand's Niki Caro, who first came to the spotlight of critics back in 1994, when her short film A Confident Climb was featured on the Cannes Film Festival . The talented director managed to assemble a truly international cast. Antonina Zhabinskaya was played by the American Jessica Chastain, and the role of Jan Zhabinskaya was played by the Belgian Johan Heldenberg. A real decoration of the film also promises to be the play of the German of Spanish origin Daniel Bruhl, who embodied the image of the Nazi zoologist Lutz Heck .

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" Zoo Keeper's Wife " will be released in USA on April 27 .

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