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Affleck and Damon will go into the shadows

Image Paramount Studios, along with Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and producer Jennifer Todd, are ready to talk about how the first true detectives appeared in America.

The Hollywood Reporter was able to find out that the major had acquired a thriller script application written by Chris Bremner. The latter will also take on the creation of a full text of the historical picture, based on an article by Matthew Pearl for the Boston Globe Magazine.

The film will focus on the first American undercover officers to appear in Boston. At the end of the 40s of the XIX century, the city had almost 140 thousand inhabitants, but they had only 30 policemen and 150 patrolmen. Crime flourished, and Task Force Shadows was formed at the direction of the mayor. It was the first police unit to work with informants, wear civilian clothes, and become undercover agents. They redefined law enforcement and blurred the lines between good and bad when hatred of foreigners flourished in Boston society amid a massive wave of immigration.


Pearl Street Films, created by Damon and Affleck, produced the Academy Award-winning drama Manchester by the Sea, the box office grossing thriller Law of the Night, and the science fiction series The Corporation. Curiously, the association is now working on a TV project called City on a Hill *, which will also tell about the work of the Boston police, but already in the early 90s.

* - preliminary translation.

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Author: Jake Pinkman