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Captain Power is back on TV

Image Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future , a Canadian-American sci-fi series from the 80s, only managed to stay afloat for one season. ... Analysts attributed the low ratings of the 22-episode show Gary Goddard and Tony Christopher to failed attempts to please both an adult and a very young audience, as well as to screenings in the morning, unpopular time. At the same time, an innovative mixture of game and computer scenes for that time, an interesting story and costume design of the characters were attributed to the undoubted advantages of the show.

In 2012, it became known that Goddard is engaged in the production of a reboot of his brainchild, which will be called “ Phoenix Rising ” * ( Phoenix Rising ). Today the portal Deadline confirms the active status of the planned project, shares its synopsis with readers, and also introduces the creative team of the planned TV show.

In the middle of the XXII century, all wars on Earth are waged with the help of robots, and a group of scientists led by Dr. Stuart Power is busy creating a machine that will stop all armed conflicts at once. Not having time to do a good job, the invention of the scientist falls into the hands of his colleague named Lyman Taggart , who is going to destroy not robots, but people ... His intention is poured into Metal wars, in which almost all of humanity is defeated. Meanwhile, Stewart 's son, Jonathan Power , finds another invention of his father - a weapon that will allow a small group of survivors to challenge the huge army of Taggart , who took name Lord Dred ...


Goddard , known to moviegoers as the director of Lords of the Universe, is still in charge of the reboot. Working with him on Phoenix is Craig Engler, co-creator and executive producer of Z Nation . The pilot was written by Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens, who wrote episodes for Star Trek: Enterprise . Actor Tim Dunigan, who played Captain Power in the original, will also be rebooted, but will appear on the screens in a new, as yet unnamed role.


An important step for the project could be the impending Comic-Con , where creators will seek funding for their shows.

*- preliminary translation.

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