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Step out into the light. Trailer ”Beauties and the Beasts”

Image In big cinema, the phase of relaunches of old franchises and remakes of classic films continues. More than one such project is expected to be released next year: on the eve of Catholic Christmas, viewers will see the eighth episode of "Star Wars", the action adventure "Kong: Skull Island" will be released in mid-spring, and fans of Disney fairy tales will see a full-length film " Beauty and the Beast ”, whose dubbed trailer was posted online.

The story, written by Jeanne-Marie de Beaumont in the middle of the 18th century, has gone through many adaptations and film adaptations, the last of which, with Leia Seydoux and Vincent Cassel, was released in 2014.

Initially, the new project The Walt Disney Pictures was supposed to transfer the 1993 musical of the year to the big screen, but the company's plans changed: the new film will be a remake of the legendary 1991 cartoon, which won two Oscars ”And nominated for four more, including the category“ Best Film ”.


The upcoming tape will tell in a new way the world-famous story of a simple girl Belle and Prince Adam , punished by the Sorceress for anger, heartlessness and rudeness. He refused to hide her in his castle during bad weather, for which he was turned into a shaggy monster, and all the inhabitants of the castle took the images of various utensils. The prince will be able to return his real appearance when he sincerely loves the girl, and she will reciprocate him. Once the father Belle is captured by the monster, and this is where a romantic fairy tale begins.

In mid-2015 it became known that the remake will include several new compositions and fresh characters. For example, Stanley Tucci played Cadenza - a musician who turned into a neurotic piano and had not previously appeared in a fairy tale.

The film stars Emma Watson and Dan Stevens . The role of the villainous hunter Gaston went to Luke Evans. Filmed the fairy tale Bill Condon with cameraman Tobias Schlissler.

Dubbed Trailer

The film will be released in USA a day after the international premiere - March 16, 2017.

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