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Werner Herzog: “I reinvent cinema with every film”

Image The amazing German director Werner Herzog just wants to be ranked among the last old-timers of film classics. The legendary creator of "Nosferatu - the ghost of the night" and "Every man for himself, and God against everybody", the German director is no less famous in the world of documentary filmmaking. A fearless adventurer, he is the only filmmaker in the world to travel to all seven continents for filming."I want to take you by the shoulders and take you to the realm of true poetry and fantasy", is a quite familiar statement for him. This amount of pathos can be annoying if it weren't for the truth. In a short conversation with The Guardian , the director shared his thoughts on high technology in our and his own life.

The last documentary work of the indefatigable German, “ Oh, the Internet! Dreams of the digital world ", also sends viewers on a journey, this time through the real Wild West of the virtual world. Herzog walked through online forums, robotics labs, firing questions in his usual provocative manner. The images that appear in front of the viewer are quite subjective and can even cause a painful reaction.


At the same time, Herzog insists that he has nothing against the Internet as such:“I would be careful to judge the features of the Internet as negative or positive. We don't need to debate electricity, do we? To me, the modern Internet boom seems to be just a flash of heightened interest, like, for example, American cars in the days of Elvis ".

In a previous documentary work, Into the Heat, Werner fearlessly sat down on the edge of an erupting volcano. However, he is not going to compare his paintings about nature - beautiful and at the same time indifferent - with the feed “Oh, the Internet!” .

“No, such comparisons are inappropriate here,- Herzog replies with a frown. -Because the Internet is not something that exists independently and autonomously from us. When we talk about the horrors of the virtual world, it's not about the World Wide Web, but about ourselves. And right now, our human nature expresses itself in a way that we have not seen before, because each user is covered by anonymity, and we are all present, we live on the Web, massively. It doesn't look like nature at all. They are just people using such a means of communication, communication and much more. "


The director himself turned 74 in September. In his opinion, this makes him almost a stranger on the Internet. Werner prefers face-to-face communication over smartphone calls and real purchases over online stores. However, it cannot help but use Google as a"surface search engine". For example, in order to look at the megaliths of menhirs in Brittany,"which once took very bizarre forms."

An interesting fact is that Herzog grew up in the German Alps, where he did not have a telephone or even running water. When he arrived in Munich as a young man, he stole his first camera from a local film school.

“I didn't have any movie experience until I was 11. To be more precise, I did not even know about its existence, because I grew up in very remote mountains in Bavaria. So from an early age I had a feeling that I had to invent cinema. And even today I feel like such an inventor with every new film I make. Of course, you shouldn't take these words too seriously, ”he says.


What prompted him to choose this profession? Herzog replies:“Rather, the profession itself chose me. I love my job. And I wouldn't be able to learn anything else. Decent profession after all. Although I also wanted to become an athlete or ski jumping. But these dreams quickly disappeared when my best friend almost died during such an experiment. ”

The most interesting and paradoxical in the director's relationship with technology and the Internet is the presence of Werner on all social networks, and the most fun and popular profile is Werner Twertzog on Twitter.

“Yes, I have profiles, and I didn’t pay for them or encouraged them — these are fakes. Someone writes, answers - such impersonal voices. So I needed to get comfortable with these systems very quickly. The self-representation is now radically changing. The funny thing is that all these authors of fake pages must somehow know each other, somehow recognize each other - that they are in the same fake team. But I have no problem with these impostors. It would be silly to complain. I have enough self-irony in reserve to appreciate what is happening. "


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