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President's plane

Image MGM is ready to give viewers the opportunity to board Board number one . According to The Tracing Board , the management of the Hollywood studio snatched from the hands of competitors the rights to film adaptation of Garrett Graff's article " We are the only plane in the air ".

In his article, a journalist for Politico reconstructed the timeline of September 11, 2001, when George W. Bush learned of a series of terrorist attacks on the United States during a visit to Emma Booker Elementary School in the city of Sarasota. The presidential advisers decided that the safest place in America at this moment is the plane of the head of state - Boeing 747 . The Federal Aviation Administration began urgently to land other aircraft on the ground, and the Air Ministry sent three F-16 fighters to defend Air Force One b>.

Graff managed to interview several representatives of the press and the presidential administration who were on the plane at the time. They had to spend a long eight hours in the air until the Secret Service finally gave the pilots permission to land.


The project will be curated by Adam Rosenberg, whose track record includes such films as Creed: Rocky's Legacy and The Magnificent Seven.

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Author: Jake Pinkman