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Panfilov's Men, the Zombie Train and Iggy's Life: Watch This Week

Image So that rolling week has come, the favorite of which for once can be called a film by a domestic director. Many moviegoers have been following the production process of the Panfilov's 28 project since the very day when the St. Petersburg filmmakers Andrey Shalyopa and Kim Druzhinin began raising funds for filming in the Internet. What did we expect from the next military drama? The fact that she will present us not only a beautiful picture, coupled with a powerful patriotic message, but will turn out to be a sincere, sincere and honest statement about the role of a person in the war, as well as about one of the most controversial feats of Soviet soldiers during these years. Well, judging by the first more than enthusiastic reviews, Andrey and Kim succeeded, so sorry, Another World , but November 24 vampires and lycans will have to move.

In the center of the plot is "28 Panfilov's men" - the feat of Soviet soldiers who defended the approaches to Moscow in November 1941. As you know, the Great Patriotic War went down in history not only thanks to loud victories and defeats, but also such local battles, the reality of which is sometimes simply impossible to believe. One of them was the confrontation between a small detachment of soldiers, who single-handedly stopped a German tank offensive just a couple of hours away from Moscow.

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Critics were impressed not only by the scale of the battle scenes and the realism of the battles, but also by the patriotic monologues and dialogues of the main characters devoid of strained pathos. The acting, atmospheric musical accompaniment, focus on true, not crazy heroism and gloomy male humor were also awarded all sorts of praises. In general, after watching this film, any moviegoer will understand that its creators did not let their crowdfunding "sponsors" down. They made the dream come true step by step, fixing a great national feat for all of us in the history of cinema.

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But back to our lycans. Another novelty of the coming week, the action-horror Underworld: Blood Wars is another part of the franchise, which started in 2003 and tells the story of a girl named Selina waging a war against scary creatures. In the fifth tape of the film series, the heroine Kate Beckinsale will have to put an end to the eternal confrontation between the two clans and take revenge on the vampires who betrayed her. However, if the tape brings good profit to its creators, this very end may turn out to be rather arbitrary.

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In the meantime, in the adjacent cinema hall, another, much more original, albeit less publicized action-horror will be waiting for you - the South Korean Train to Busan . In the story, a girl infected with a mysterious virus infects passengers of a high-speed train heading from Seoul to Busan - the only city that was able to withstand the infection. The main characters, little Su-an and her father, will have to desperately fight for their lives in a confined space full of maddened zombies. In the film community, this picture has already made a splash: critics are vying with each other to praise its unique take on the zombie horror format and compare it with the best films of George A. Romero, as well as with the film "28 Days Later" , which has become a real milestone in this genre.

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“Ten years before I became the owner of this house, a terrible massacre took place here”- already from this quote we can assume that we will be shown at the horror session Abatuar. Labyrinth of Fear " . However, the director's name inspires a certain degree of confidence: Darren Lynn Bousman has directed the Saw franchises and other successful and at the same time very unusual horror films, so that even from the most simple plot, he can make candy due to unconventional techniques and high-quality drama. "Abatuar" tells the story of a mysterious villain who creates a multi-level hell on earth from parts of houses in which bloody murders took place at different times. This idea of a material labyrinth of fear, which is the focus of negative energy, could well be a good franchise claim.

ImageConnoisseurs of less bloody and more emotional cinema will delight the French drama “ Eternity " with the beautiful Audrey Tautou, Melanie Laurent and Berenice Bejo in the lead roles. This is an incredibly beautiful and poignant story about three generations of women who love, despair, revel in the happiness of motherhood and the grief of loss, but try to preserve and increase the love hidden in their hearts. Vietnamese director Tran Anh Hung, known to fans of the arthouse from the films "Norwegian Forest" and "I Come With Rain", this time shot something that not so much resembled a film as a two-hour sketch from the life of a bourgeois. Everything is beautiful here, even suffering, but there is no plot as such. Cinephiles are usually not afraid of such trifles,

The domestic film industry will be marked by the project Zoology about an adult woman Natasha with a tail. The fantastic drama by Ivan Tverdovsky won two awards at Kinotavr and was very popular with USA critics. The director of "Class of Correction" again turned to the theme of the hero's cruel retribution for his individuality and successfully revealed it through the analysis of animal instincts in man. A rather difficult film for perception will certainly delight those viewers who are in constant search of new and often unexpected sensations from our cinema.

ImageThey say that you can't put a tight collar like Morrison, use drugs, like Vicious and still live as long as Bowie. Unless you're Iggy Pop. The cult American independent filmmaker Jim Jarmusch, whose documentary “Gimme Danger. The story of Iggy and The Stooges is definitely one of the most noteworthy premieres of the week. However, it is impossible to consider the life and work of the legendary rocker apart from his group, which burst into the sixties, turning the underground scene upside down. And since the central character of the film and the director are old friends, you can be sure that

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