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New day, new body, old love

Image There are many films about the exchange of bodies and souls. Who just changed places with whom! .. Mother and daughter in "Freaky Friday", feuding neighbors in "Boy in a Girl", the queen of the school and a common thief in "Chick", former best friends in "I Want It Like You". And the heroes of the USA franchise "Love-Carrot", it seems, managed to exchange with everyone who got in their way.

But what if the soul is one, but the bodies are different every day? This story is exactly what the film company MGM intended to show. According to the information portal Deadline , the studio has acquired the rights to screen the teen novel Every New Day by American writer David Levitan.

Every morning the protagonist named A wakes up in a new body. Every morning he has a new home and a new life. He has no family, no friends, no attachments. Every new day he sees the world through the eyes of another person, speaks in his voice, comprehends life through his feelings. A has memories of his own, but he can also use the thoughts of the person in whose body he is for 24 hours. The story begins on a very ordinary day when A wakes up in the body of a teenager named Justin . Arriving at school, Justin meets his girlfriend Rhiannon , and then the life of A radically changes and takes on meaning ...

The adaptation of the book for the big screen is being done by Jessie Andrews, screenwriter for Me, Earl and the Dying Girl, and Michael Saxxy (Gray Gardens, The Oath) has been appointed director.


The image of a shy teenage girl whom the main character falls in love with will be portrayed by the actress Angauri Rice. Last year, she was seen in the crime thriller Goodfellas, starring Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe. And among the upcoming works of Rice , which we will be able to appreciate on the big screen, are the drama "Fatal Temptation" by Sofia Coppola and the reboot of the Spider-Man franchise "Homecoming." />
Filming is due to begin next month in Toronto.

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Author: Jake Pinkman