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Sin City to Become a TV Series

Image A series of graphic novels Sin City by Frank Miller has delighted comic book fans since the early 90s. The original, intertwined with stories of crime bosses and politicians battling for power on the streets of Basing City, is almost entirely in black and white. Sin City with its amazing style and content has already been adapted for large screens - in 2005, Miller shared the director's chair of the film of the same name with Robert Rodriguez, and nine years later a sequel was released pictures. The tapes have grossed about $ 200 million in total and are one of the assets of The Weinstein Company .

According to the site Deadline , the franchise is waiting for a kind of reboot, but in the format not of a full-length film, but of a series, which, according to the producers, differs from the film version of Sin City . The new adaptation will be as close as possible to the original, and the scriptwriter Glen Mazara , who has experience working on The Walking Dead, has volunteered for it.


The new show will be directed by Len Wiseman of the Underworld franchise. The director is also familiar with television - he directed the pilot episodes of "Lucifer" and "Sleepy Hollow". Bob and Harvey Weinstein and Stephen L'Ore will share production with Miller , Wiseman and Mazzara . Robert Rodriguez has not yet been involved in the reboot.

The channel for Sin City has yet to be found, but sources say the project has already caught the attention of bosses on several networks.


One of the main problems with teleadaptation can be that the inherent aesthetics of the original, with its black and white tones, are rare on small screens. In feature films, Rodriguez and Miller managed to convey the atmosphere of graphic novels, although Sin City 2 did not enjoy success at the box office - after nine years after the release of the first part, the second earned 75% less and earned mixed reviews from critics, which the producers of the series will also have to consider.

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