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Jeff Bridges: ”Just do your thing, man”

Image In the six years since his reunion with the Coen brothers to create " Iron Grip " (a brilliant remake of a classic western starring John Wayne), Jeff Bridges has partially wasted attempts win over the hearts of moviegoers with unpopular films such as Ghost Patrol and The Seventh Son . But now he is back on horseback - in one of the most critically acclaimed films of the year, the neo-western " At Any Cost ", Bridges got the role of the sheriff, who retires in a few days , but finally undertakes to track down a couple of bank robbers in the vastness of Texas. In a recent interview, the actor spoke about his attitude to the failures of his films at the box office, about the fateful advice of Michael Cimino, his beloved music,
You've worked hard for 50 years, but you've never been a superstar. Do you think you rather benefited from not rolling on one long wave of success?

My father, Lloyd Bridges, starred in the long-running series Hunting at Sea in the late 50s and early 60s. He portrayed the reclusive diver so well that the audience thought he was like that in life. This is a big compliment to the actor, but there is also an unpleasant side: they continued to send him scripts about scuba diving. Throughout my career, I have not tried to develop and consolidate the image of an invariably strong, brutal personality, so it is easy for you to imagine me in any role. I wanted to delicately lead the audience by the nose in the question of what I really am.

When you're not filming, you perform with your band The Abiders. What music inspires you the most?

Bob Dylan. His music is very different, but I love everything he does.


What's your favorite Dylan song?

The first thing that came to my mind was "The Man in Me" because it sounded in " The Big Lebowski ". By the way, The Abiders and I did a cover version. With Dylan I starred in The Show of the Century . He knocked on the door of my trailer and immediately said: "Hey, will you have a pick or not?" We played You Belong to Me , which he covered for the Natural Born Killers soundtrack.

Who is your hero?

Bucky Fuller (architect and inventor). He had an analogy about tankers: small rudders, called trimmers, are used on them to turn a large rudder, and with the help of a large rudder they control the ship itself. Bucky said, “Each of us is a trimmer. Because we are all in one way or another connected with the so-called influential people, and those people can give society a certain direction of development. " Interestingly, the inscription on the headstone Bucky reads: “Call me trimmer.”

What's the biggest purchase you've ever enjoyed in your life?

About 25 years ago, my wife and I bought Kenny Loggins' house in Santa Barbara. It was expensive and not that we could afford it, but we decided: "Damn it, let's try." Our children grew up in this house. We jumped over our heads then, and it worked - happy times came in our lives.


You have been married for almost 40 years. This is probably the longest marriage in Hollywood. What's your secret?

I'm just crazy about this girl. We, of course, faced difficulties, but did not allow them to make us cynical and bitter. Every pitfall in marriage is a great opportunity to get to know each other better. This is what is called intimacy. For me, this is the main thing in life.

Do you have a fitness regimen?

I could be kinder to my body. As an actor, I'll tell you: some roles are a great reason to not be in shape. You don't want to see, say, Dude with abs cubes ... Well, I’m eating my favorite ice cream, and my weight jumps back and forth. I am now interested in this cryoplug, where they take you and stick you for three minutes where -250 °. I think this is a great antipyretic.


If an expensive movie starring you fails at the box office, do you take it personally?

Honestly, no. When the film comes out, I'm already working on something else and all my attention is there. Plus I've already been paid [laughs]. " At Any Cost " is a very cool movie. Yes, it doesn't always work out. But when it turns out, all that remains is to say: "Yi-ho!".

What advice would you like to receive at 20?

I got it but didn't use it! My father told me, “Habit is what matters, Jeff . Get good habits and cherish them. " And I answered him: “No, dad, you need to live in the moment. And every next moment to live again as the first, to feel fresh. " Then he said: “Great idea, only it doesn't work. Constancy is in human nature. The main thing is to keep your track. " Now that I am getting old, I can see it clearly. What you practice, you succeed.


When you were a young actor, did you have any important lessons that helped your career?

A wonderful director Mike Cimino has recently passed away. When I was approved for his first film, The Thug and Runner , I was in my early twenties and felt anxious and insecure. I doubted a guy like me should play this role - I just couldn't identify with the character. On the eve of the start of filming, I said: "Mike, if you want to fire me, I will not be offended." To which he replied: “Did you play catch-up? It is the same. Play. " And then confidence came. Now, when I find myself in a similar situation, I think not: “Yes, easy!”, But: “To catch up? Okay, let's go. ” Just do your thing, man. ”

Let's imagine that you were listed as Dude in your obituary. Would that upset you?

Oh no. It would be great. I am proud of this painting. God, this is an amazing movie!

How many times a day are you reminded of him?

A few minutes ago, I signed a couple of bowling pins to some people. Business as usual for me. Someone puts something in my hand and says, “May I have an autograph ?! Write "Dude!" They probably sell them later on the internet or something.


Source: Rolling Stone

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