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Casting: another mutant and careless boyfriend

Image As soon as we announced that Charlie Heaton had joined the cast of The New Mutants , the superhero team was replenished. According to the portal Variety , Henry Zaga ("13 Reasons Why") got a role in the X-Men spin-off.

The Brazilian actor in Josh Boone's film will portray a mutant named Roberto da Costa . He knows how to absorb solar energy for use for his own purposes, turn his own body into fire and launch fireballs, thanks to which he received the nickname Sunspot . It is noteworthy that viewers are already familiar with the character thanks to the film "Days of Future Past", where he was played by Adan Kanto.

As with Deadpool and Logan, 20th Century Fox is experimenting with the superhero genre again - New Mutants will be a horror thriller. The most dangerous mutants are in adolescence, when they only discover superpowers in themselves and cannot control them. Five of these guys are being held in a secret institution, where they have to fight not only with their super powers, but also with the sins of the past. They don't have to save the world - they just need to survive.


Filming is scheduled to start in July, and in addition to Heaton and Zagy , Anya Taylor-Joy, Maisie Williams and Rosario Dawson will take part in them.

In March it became known that Mila Kunis and Keith McKinnon were given the lead roles in the comedy The Spy Who Dumped Me ( The Spy Who Dumped Me *). Now the studio Lionsgate has found an actor who will play the same spy - it will be Sam Heughan ("Outlander").


Susanne Fogel (Life Partners) co-wrote the script for the film with David Iserson (Mr. Robot) and will lead the filming of the project. Two best friends will be in the center of events. When one of them discovers that the boyfriend who left her is actually a spy, the heroines get involved in an international conspiracy. For Heughan , the image of a careless boyfriend will be the first notable film role.

Pico Alexander ("Outrage"), Amadeus Serafini ("The Scream") and John Roudnitsky ("Saturday Night Live") entered the cast of the comedy Summertime , directed and written by Edward Burns (The Bachelor Party). The film will focus on a group of young people working during the holidays. They fall in love and part ways, preparing for what awaits them in the real world after summer ends.


Alexander will play Jay Jay - a graduate who dreams of a career on Wall Street, whose plans are radically changed by an affair with an older colleague. Serafini got the role of Terry - a promising musician who fell in love with a girl who is afraid even of her own shadow. Filming will begin this month.

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