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Image Film companies Wonderful Films and Convergent Media are ready to remind viewers that there is no better author of tragic love stories in the world than life itself. According to the publication Variety , Hollywood studios will join forces to work on a film adaptation of the autobiographical novel of the famous American writer and journalist Francisco Goldman Say her name .

In 2001, a professor of literature at the prestigious Trinity College in Connecticut met a young Mexican woman Aura Estrada in a bar. The girl read the poetry of the English poet George Herbert to her friends so soulfully that Goldman immediately saw a kindred spirit in her. Four years later, Francisco and Aura got married, but their family happiness was short-lived ...

A month before the celebration of the second wedding anniversary, the lovers went on vacation to Mexico. To Goldman's horror , one of Aura's body surfing activities ended in tragedy. The wife of the writer could not cope with the huge wave and broke her neck. After her death, Francisco seriously contemplated suicide, but then tried to cope with his grief by telling the world about his love for Aura .


Subsequently, the Goldman founded the Estrada Aura Literary Prize, which is awarded every two years to the best Spanish-speaking women writers under the age of 35.

The adaptation of the book for the big screen will be handled by Oscar nominee Scott B. Smith ("Simple Plan"), and the director's chair of the drama went to the Indian woman Leena Yadav ("Confusion of feelings"). William Horberg (Cold Mountain) and Russell Smith (Juno) will be involved in producing the project.

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Author: Jake Pinkman