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Fox Animation will expose alien cult

Image As it became known to the information portal Deadline , the studio Fox Animation acquired the rights to film the book trilogy Zita The Spacegirl , the author of which is the winner of the Eisner Prize Ben Hatke. Chernin Entertainment will produce the new animation project.

The script for the cartoon is entrusted to Morgan Jurgenson and Alex Ankels . In the filmography of Jurgenson you can find the comedy horror "Slaughter Vacation", and together with Ankels he managed to work on the text of the animated film "RoboPes", which is due out this year.

The plot of the books Hatke revolves around the girl Zita . The heroine goes to rescue her best friend after she is abducted by an alien cult, and finds herself in an unfamiliar world. Humanoid chickens and nerve robots terrify Zita at first, but over time the girl ceases to be surprised at such things and becomes an intergalactic hero who is not afraid of aliens of any shape and size. Zita is about to face ancient prophecies and a mysterious person who, for some reason, is interested in her adventures.


The new project will be supervised by Darlene Caamano (In the Valley of El, In Father's House).

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Author: Jake Pinkman