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John Wick director to film comics

Image The folder of comics, which Hollywood filmmakers are preparing to transfer to screens, has replenished again. According to the information portal The Hollywood Reporter, Chad Stahelski, known for his action films about former hitman John Wick, is preparing to plunge into the world of graphic novels. He will adapt the 2016 Image Comics Kill or You Will Be Killed series by famed writer Ed Brubaker and artist Sean Phillips.

The plot centers on a depressed college student named Dylan, who decides to commit suicide. However, due to a series of incredible events, he manages to survive. Soon a demon appears to the hero and explains that it was he who spared his life. True, you will have to pay a certain price for this. Now Dylan will have to kill various bad guys, and for each killed he will be allowed to live another month of his own life. The story tells about the hero's attempts to keep this secret a secret and how it slowly destroys not only the life of Dylan himself, but also his loved ones.


The film will be directed by Columbia Pictures and produced by Stahelski's fellow John Wick, Basil Ivanik. The script will be taken over by Daniel Casey, who previously adapted Brubaker's other comic, Incognito, which has been in development for several years.


As a stunt director, Chad Stahelski directed the action "John Wick" in 2014 as a co-director, and three years later he single-handedly took on the sequel to the story. The first part of the franchise with a budget of $ 20 million earned $ 86 million worldwide, and the second has already raised $ 171 million with a total production cost of $ 40 million. The director is currently working on the third film about a mercenary performed by Keanu Reeves, also among his future projects. the remake of the fantasy "Highlander" appears.

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