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Who are the monsters afraid of?

Image The American company Blumhouse Productions , whose latest projects, Split and Away, have shown absolutely amazing results at the worldwide box office, grossing a total of $ 529 million with a modest budget of $ 13.5 million , decided to dilute her list of horror and thrillers with a film for children. According to the information portal Deadline , the studio is going to join forces with DreamWorks Animation to work on an animation project codenamed Spooky Jack .

The idea of the future cartoon belongs to the author of all three films of the Night at the Museum franchise, Robert Ben Garant. He is also involved in the script. The concept of The Guarantor is a dark comedic take on the world of "creepy" things that are born in the imagination of children - from monsters under the bed to leprechauns, boogeymen, bigfoot and chupacabras. All those scary creatures that parents have said for many years that "they don't exist." According to the plot of the cartoon, three children move to a new house and accidentally discover that the monstrous creatures, which, as they were told, do not exist, are actually quite real. And they are afraid of us just as we are of them.


The animated film will be produced by Damon Ross of DreamWorks Animation , with Blumhouse Productions founder Jason Bloom serving as executive producer.

According to DreamWorks President Christopher DeFaria, this touching and funny story will introduce viewers to the folklore of different countries of the world, as well as create some truly memorable animated characters, not to mention the unique visual world that exists within our own ...


“We've worked with Ben Garant before, and when he told us about his idea, we realized that this story would turn into a great animation tape. The fact that we are now diving into animation work with our trust in Chris DeFaria and the talented team at DreamWorks is a testament to the unique collective environment that Universal supports. among his creative family.- shared by Jason Bloom . -We get a lot of pleasure from this original, funny and so close to the viewer of what happens when children join forces with the monsters and ghouls that live among us. ”

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