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The mutant universe awaits James Franco

Image Over the past few years, James Franco has managed to appear in many films, and some of them can also be counted on the list of his directorial works. In the world of superheroes, Franco has not visited for ten years, since the release of the third "Spider-Man", but it seems that soon everything will change. According to the Deadline portal, 20th Century Fox is preparing a solo album of the mutant, nicknamed The Multiplier, and the actor has been offered the main role in the project.

The Multiplier, aka James Madrox, was first introduced in the pages of comics in 1975. He is a mutant with the ability to create his own counterparts. Each clone possesses independent thinking, but Madrox is telepathically connected to his copies, that is, any of their pain is transmitted to the Multiplier himself. At the same time, he is able to adopt the experience and skills of duplicates, to get their memories.

Madrox's mutation became known when he was still a child. His father made a special suit for him that allows him to contain kinetic energy and live a normal life. However, when the suit was damaged, Madrox began to go crazy. The multiplier was eventually helped by Charles Xavier, and the hero became an integral part of the X-Men family.


James Madrox is not the most popular character in the X-Men universe. The audience knows him from The Last Battle, where the character was played by Eric Dane. However, the series "Legion" proved with its popularity that superpowers and madness get along well on the screens. In addition, 20th Century Fox does not get tired of experimenting with its blockbusters: "Logan" was filmed in the noir style, Deadpool became the main character of an adult comedy, and "The New Mutants" will learn all the delights of the horror genre next year.

The Major picked the appropriate team for the Multiplier solo album. In addition to the fact that Franco will play Madrox himself, he will also act as a producer of the project along with the curator of the X-Men universe, Simon Kinberg. The script for the film will be written by one of the authors of Wonder Woman, Allan Heinberg.


Very soon, James Franco will appear on the big screens in the film "The Woe Creator", and next year the premiere of about ten projects with the participation of the actor is planned, among which there will be the Coen brothers series, dramas "The Long Home" and "Zeroville", as well as a fantastic thriller "World of the Future".

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