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WB don't care about the problems of the new Batman?

Image Hollywood insiders continue to thicken the clouds around the future of the DC MCU. Earlier this week, it became known that the adaptation of the Flash comic has once again lost its director, and now rumors have begun circulating in the Dream Factory that the upcoming solo album of Batman is also experiencing serious problems. .

The reason for speculation was given by the analytical material on the state of the modern film industry, published on the portal The Ringer . In it, writer and screenwriter Bret Easton Ellis (American Psycho) admitted that he recently had a meeting with representatives of the film company Warner Bros. , who are aware of the progress of work on a new film about Dark knight .

According to the information they have, at the moment the tape is experiencing huge problems with the script. The producers have already tried to convey their concerns to the bosses of the major, to which they replied that they did not care at all about the quality of the text. "International distribution will still help us recoup the film's budget," said studio management. -Seventy percent of our audience is non-English speaking viewers. We don’t care that there are any weak points in the script”.


There is a possibility that this information will not be confirmed in the end, but this is not the first time that high-ranking officials of WB have been accused of putting profit over the quality of their films. At one time, the major, right along the way, decided to turn the film adaptation of The Hobbit from a dilogy into a trilogy, which is why Peter Jackson was unable to properly prepare for the shooting of the epic battle in the final of the film series. Not all viewers were delighted with the recent news that even before the release of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, the studio had announced the expansion of its new fantasy franchise from three to five films.


Fans of the MCU DC can only believe that Ben Affleck will be a man of his word. Previously, the director and performer of the role of Bruce Wayne has promised that he will begin filming " Batman " only when he is fully confident that he has a strong script in his hands.

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Author: Jake Pinkman