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Channing Tatum Bipolar Disorder

Image Channing Tatum, with Andrew Schneider and Peter Kiernan, will executive produce the new Zach McDermott series. Brian Sipe will write the screenplay for Gorilla and the Bird: Memories of Madness and Mother's Love.

Recently, Little Brown Publishing Company published the autobiography of McDermott, who suffers from bipolar disorder. In it, the author talks about the only person who can restore his sanity after the familiar world has shaken - about the mother. Having overcome at one time all the hardships of life in poverty and violence, she was able to raise three beautiful children and became a support for her son in his personal struggle. At the beginning of the story, the hero was a successful public defender, but a sudden illness involved the writer in a series of chaotic events, as a result of which he either considered himself a television star or became a hostage of law enforcement agencies.


The film rights were acquired by the Free Association, with the help of which Channing Tatum has already produced several projects with his participation: Macho and Nerd 2, Super Mike and Logan's Luck.

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Author: Jake Pinkman