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Russell Crowe is ready to take the helm again

Image The era of the Internet gave Hollywood stars a powerful leverage over studio bosses. Nowadays, actors and directors are increasingly starting to turn to users of social networks with a request to support a particular project. In the summer of 2014, a test video of the superhero action "Deadpool" was leaked to the Web, which caused such excitement on social networks that the management of the studio 20th Century Fox immediately rushed to give the film about the adventures of a chatty mercenary the green light. Now Russell Crowe is ready to try to get Fox bosses to listen to public opinion.

The Oscar-winning actor approached his Twitter subscribers with a proposal to support the idea of creating a sequel to the adventure epic "Master of the Seas: At the End of the Earth." “Dear fans of the Captain Aubrey and Dr. Maturin book series, I have heard rumors that 20th Century Fox is considering making a second film about the adventures of these heroes,, Crowe wrote. -Let's make it clear to the studio management that we fully support this idea. "


It should be noted that the official representatives of the Major are in no hurry to confirm rumors about the start of work on the second part of "Master of the Seas". In 2003, the film, based on the book series by Patrick O'Brian, earned rave reviews in the press and received ten Oscar nominations. The bosses of the film company hoped that they would be able to launch a new adventure franchise, but plans to create a sequel had to be scrapped when Peter Weir's tape failed to recoup its $ 150 million budget.

Seven years ago, Russell Crowe had already invited social media users to bombard the Fox head of the studio with letters asking him to shoot a sequel, but then all his efforts were in vain. Fans of the original film can only hope that the new attempt to revive the project will be more successful.

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Author: Jake Pinkman