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Margot Robbie will fly to the circus dome

Image It looks like Harley Quinn will help Margot Robbie expand her acting repertoire significantly. Late last month, the Australian signed on to play the mentally unstable girl in the film adaptation of Bad Monkeys, and now news has come from Hollywood that the rising film star will continue to develop her acrobatic skills in the biopic of famous circus performer Lillian Leitzel.

According to The Hollywood Reporter , " Queen of the Air " will be based on Dean N. Jensen's novel of the same name. Studio Warner Bros. has decided to entrust the adaptation of the literary work to screenwriter Kat Vasco, who is just beginning her career in the world of big cinema.

Lillian was born in 1892 into a family of circus performers, but as a child she dreamed of becoming a pianist. When the roots did take their toll, Leitzel decided to join first the acrobatic troupe of her mother, and then the famous Circus of the Ringling brothers, Barnum and Bailey . The girl became famous all over the world for her dizzying stunts at great heights, records for pull-ups on one arm and a passionate romance with the famous aerial acrobat Alfredo Codona, who acted as Johnny Weissmuller's understudy on the set of several films about Tarzan . In 1958, Lillian was posthumously inducted into the Circus Hall of Fame .


The Air Queen will be produced by Oscar nominee Andrew Lazar (Sniper).

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Author: Jake Pinkman