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Legendary wants to catch all Pokemon

Image The heroes of the famous Japanese media franchise " Pokemon " may return to the cinema screens in the very near future. Deadline reports that Legendary Pictures , already interested in the brainchild of Nintendo in the past, is close to finally acquiring the rights to a film adaptation of the popular video game. br />
The first games in the series were released for the Game Boy in 1996. The player had to collect magical animals, train them and participate in battles with other Pokemon owners. The games had many sequels, and the plot and characters migrated to animated series, full-length anime, books and comics. It became known in April that Hollywood film companies were interested in the filming of the first feature film based on Pokemon . Then, along with Legendary , Warner Bros. and Sony Pictures were considered contenders.

The new round of negotiations between Legendary and Nintendo may be linked to the unprecedented success of the Pokemon Go mobile app released this month. Having installed it, the player goes out into the street in order to catch pocket monsters in the vastness of the real world. In the first three days since its release, the game managed to become the most downloaded application in the United States, and Nintendo shares have risen in price by 53%.


The wave of game adaptations covering the Dream Factory has hardly reached its peak: Warcraft and Angry Birds Movie have already been released this year, and there are still Sonic, Tetris and Minecraft films ahead of us.

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Author: Jake Pinkman