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Mister Robot's creator heads to the city of the future

Image The creator of "Mr. Robot" ( Mr. Robot ) Sam Esmail is ready to add another project to his resume - he is working with Universal Cable Productions over a mini-series based on the classic sci-fi movie “ Metropolis ”. The site The Hollywood Reporter managed to find out about this.

The exact role of Esmail , who is the director, writer and producer of Mister Robot , has not yet been determined. The new project is in the early stages of development, and is waiting for the moment when Sam has time for it.

The original, directed by Fritz Lang, was released back in 1927, and at that time the epic was one of the most expensive films. In addition, the tape was considered revolutionary due to the special effects used in it.

The remake takes place in a future where wealthy industrialists rule a huge city of high-rise complexes. Poor workers at this time are working hard to ensure that machines provide the city with energy. Two lovers, separated by social barriers, decide to risk everything in order to break the established system ...


However, the cooperation of Esmail with UCP does not end there. According to journalists, the company emerged victorious in the competition for the rights to adapt the Homecoming podcast. The creator of "Mr. Robot" will be spearheading the work on the new TV show.

Rumor has it that some Hollywood stars who have not previously appeared on small screens are already eyeing the project, and UCP management will try to enter the market with the new series early next year.


The original is a collage of phone calls, psychotherapy sessions, and overheard conversations. In fact, this is a psychological thriller, in the center of which are a social worker from a secret government agency, its ambitious leader and a soldier who dreams of returning to normal life.

Debuting in mid-November, the podcast has already garnered quite a bit of attention, especially since the cast includes actors such as Catherine Keener, David Schwimmer and Oscar Isaac.

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Author: Jake Pinkman