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Jared Leto Face Killing Machine

Image Musician and Oscar and Golden Globes for his role in the Dallas Buyers Club drama Jared Leto appears to be going move from one comic book universe to another. According to the sources of the information portal Deadline , the actor is in talks regarding the starring role in the film adaptation of the series of graphic novels Bloody Shot published by Valiant Entertainment .

Sony will be directed by Dave Wilson, Creative Director of Tim Miller's (Deadpool) Blur Studio . Neil Moritz (Fast and Furious 8, Shepherd) and Toby Jaffe (Total Recall) will be producing production.

If the negotiations are successful, Jared Leto will play the role of the main character of Bloody Shot - Angelo Mortalli , the modern monster of Dr. Frankenstein in the service of the government.


The ruthless mafia killer Mortalli enters the federal witness protection program after his crime family frame him. However, the FBI agent, assigned to guard, betrays the hero. As a result, Mortalli is forcibly subjected to an experimental program that turns him into a killing machine. To do this, the FBI erased his memory and launched into the blood special microcomputers, nanites, which help Angelo 's body to quickly heal wounds and control various electronic devices ... The story begins when this pumped-up monster gets out of control and announces war against his former employers, who robbed him of his memory.


Sony acquired the film rights to the comic book series several years ago, in a five-film deal with the publishing company. The first projects should be the adaptation of "Bloody Shot" and "Harbinger". And although work on them is going hard and slowly, it is planned that both of them will receive a sequel, after which the heroes will meet in a comic book crossover titled "War of the Harbingers" .

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