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USAn Box Office still hears Tarzan's cry

Image The appearance on USA cinema screens of the beauties of Emilia Clarke and Blake Lively, as well as Dwayne Johnson, no less attractive, but already for the female part of the cinema fanatic community, did not greatly affect the results of the box office. The twenty most financially successful films made distributors a little pleased with the sum of 581 million rubles . This is more than last week, but the past weekend can hardly be called profitable - it ranks among the ten worst this year.

It is interesting that the first place of the top was taken by the adventure thriller “ Tarzan. Legend ”, although reviewers wondered who this film is intended for. In their opinion, the interest in the project from adults was a big question mark, since nothing new in this classic story has appeared. Teenagers, on the other hand, would hardly have been able to master such a heavy and clumsy scenario construction, bored on the set by Margot Robbie, Christoph Waltz and Samuel L. Jackson, as well as unscrupulous special effects. By the way, the latter generally raises special criticism, because in the year when the masterfully made "Jungle Book" was released, looking at poorly drawn monkeys David Yates is at least a dubious pleasure.


And nevertheless, someone liked the film, since in the second week it raised 114 million rubles , replenishing its box office to 409 million rubles . Its performance exceeded the results of the films On the Wave Crest ( 392 million rubles ) and In the Heart of the Sea ( 330 million rubles ). Despite this fact, the picture with the 180 million dollar budget has not yet reached the level of self-sufficiency. Permanent stay in the top five grossing projects does not guarantee her space profits: competitors at the box office are also rather weak or initially not so ambitious. It is difficult to name a definite reason for the failure of the new Tarzan in the guise of Alexander Skarsgard with an impressive torso. Perhaps David Yates is not the filmmaker who is able to release a miracle blockbuster - his Harry Potter tapes were not the best of the series. On the other hand, more and more eminent filmmakers are drawing public attention to the dominance of superheroics in cinemas and, as a result, the decline of the younger generation's interest in simple brave and romantic young men like Son of the Jungle .

ImageThe second place is taken by the hair-darkened and rather stupid Mother of Dragons Emilia Clarke, joined by former "hungry gambler" Sam Claflin. There is no doubt that this pair of public favorites has served the melodrama " See You " well. Such a verdict to the film Thea Sharrock was also made by the journalists, who did not find a fundamentally new disclosure of the topic of people with disabilities in what they saw.

Infantile and predictable, but touching and sincere picture was able to get 94 million rubles. at the start. The adaptation of Jojo Moyes' novel more than lived up to expectations and overtook its niche neighbors. For comparison, films such as If I Stay ( RUB 81.5 million ), The Fault in Our Stars ( RUB 76.9 million ) and PS I love you "( 55.9 million rubles. ) took in our country much less for the entire rental period.

However, responsibility for the income of producers and distributors in the past seven days fell not only on the shoulders of the charming Clark , but also one curvy blonde. Before we move on to her achievements, let's pay attention to the third place, which, according to the results of the weekend, was taken by fantasy Steven Spielberg " Big and kind giant ". Despite the sufficient number of copies allocated for the screening, the cozy family film continues to lose viewers' interest, and its chances of recouping production costs look very ghostly. Unfortunately, the weekend's proceeds - 90 million rubles. - will not be able to save the project from the status of a failure, although purely in terms of art, it is not. The total fees of " Giant " now amount to 291.5 million rubles<

Finally, we turn to one of the most interesting novelties of today's box office - the thriller " The Shoal ", which took the fourth place. The struggle between the films from second to fourth place turned out to be serious, and yet the film Jaume Collet-Serra , apparently, only due to the presence of a shark in it, compared with the "Jaws" of the aforementioned Spielberg , could not beat the three competitors even with their obvious advantages.

ImageOf course, this means that “ Shallow”is a typically exploitative movie in which very explicit but effective techniques are shamelessly used: a half-naked girl in trouble, an imminent mortal danger in the form of a toothy predator, stunning landscapes and typical suspense for the genre. All this provided the film with 88.8 million rubles. , which the distributors, delighted with this state of affairs, did not expect either, but critics predicted. After all, take the sexy Blake off the surfboard and put the less charming fighter in her place, and the result could be much more modest.

Of course, the tape falls short of samples like "127 Hours" or "Buried Alive", but it deserves its profit. And the professionals praised the main actress, noting that one should not reduce Lively only to her external charms - she tried as best she could, as much as the script allowed. By tradition, we will mention that " Shallows " did not have enough crisp pieces of paper in order to get closer to the debut fees of "Piranha 3D" ( 117.7 million rubles ), but there were enough of them, to get around "Jaws 3D" ( RUB 68.7 million ).


In the battle of the two comedies this week, " Spy 1.5 ", led by The Rock and Kevin Hart, won by a tiny margin, leaving Zac Efron and Adam Divine to continue to get lost at the wedding. True, the latter were only a little less than 176 thousand rubles. from the fifth place in the top. Due to good luck in the CIS countries, the Rawson Marshall Thurber project took the lead and earned 42.9 million rubles . "Spies" and "Wedding Frenzy" are very similar to each other - both funny, light, farcical, not claiming anything serious and created solely for entertainment purposes. It's okay that the jock and the comedian were formally the leader in their competition, because next week Anna Kendrick, who also starred in “ Ugara ”, which lost this battle,

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