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2017 box office flops

Image The blockbuster season in 2017 turned out to be one of the worst in the last decade, and in general, viewers saw a lot of disastrous films over the past 12 months. At the same time, most of the films presented in today's selection were quite naturally included in the list of the most anticipated projects of the year.

However, these tapes could not win the love of moviegoers, despite the big names of directors, stellar cast and decent budgets by modern standards. The reasons for the failure of each of the films are different, but one thing unites them - the Hollywood studios that were behind their creation are unlikely to include these projects in the list of their best achievements.

LostFilm.INFO brings you an overview of the biggest box office flops of 2017.

Ghost in the Shell

Production budget - $ 110 million. Box office - $ 170 million.


Active work on a full-length film adaptation of the manga of the same name began back in 2014. The budget of the film by Rupert Sanders was $ 110 million, and the distribution studio Paramount spent another $ 40 million on advertising in the United States. Having survived the scandal, Sanders' tape fell out of favor with critics. According to them, the director made a great action with vivid special effects, which clearly lacked content. As a result, Ghost in the Shell had a bad start in the North American box office, its audience was relentlessly dwindling, and it ended its trip to US cinemas at $ 40.6 million, which, given a decent production budget, can be considered a failure. A better adaptation of the cult manga was accepted abroad,
Blade Runner 2049

Production budget - $ 150 million. Box office - $ 258 million.


The rights to Blade Runner were owned by the 1982 film producers Jerry Perencio and Bud Yorkin. And if the latter wanted to work on a sequel, then Perencio preferred to sell the rights back in 2005. Six years later, Alcon Entertainment decided to engage in an ambitious project, which after the success of The Invisible Side dreamed of breaking into the world of blockbusters and major film franchises. However, their first attempt, a remake of Riding the Wave, failed miserably. The fantastic picture "Superiority" with Johnny Depp also did not find success, and the management of Alcon had high hopes for the new "Blade Runner". At first, it seemed that the sequel had excellent prospects. Hollywood's passion for the style of director Denis Villeneuve and good reviews from reviewers gave hope for the best, but ordinary viewers reacted differently to the film. To many, it seemed long and boring, and some even noted an excessive similarity with the 1982 tape, albeit with an improved visual picture. As a result, neither North American nor international distribution was able to provide the blockbuster with an amount that could cover its $ 150 million budget.

King Arthur's Sword

Production budget - $ 175 million. Box office - $ 149 million.


"The Sword of King Arthur" was rightfully considered one of the most anticipated films of the year, because moviegoers were interested in what the story of a hero from ancient legends would be from the incorrigible inventor Guy Ritchie. He started working on the film back in 2010, but then Warner Bros. decided to abandon this venture. Many years later, the major again offered Richie to lead the filming of the film about Arthur, which was now supposed to start a whole film franchise. However, the first problems arose already at the post-production stage. After unsatisfactory test screenings, the WB bosses sent the film for costly reshoots, its budget reached $ 175 million, and the release date was constantly changing. "The Sword of King Arthur" could not become a worthy competitor for the second "Guardians of the Galaxy" and completed the North American rental with a modest amount of $ 39.2 million.

Production budget - $ 58 million. Box office - $ 100.5 million.


Originally, the sci-fi thriller "Alive" was supposed to be released in August 2017, but between the studios of Sony and 20th Century Fox, which was preparing a similar theme "Alien: Covenant", a real war broke out over the release date. Ultimately, the film by Daniel Espinosa hit theaters in March, because of which its post-production took place on a tight schedule, and all hopes of the creators for a successful outcome were dashed at the start. If the critics turned out to be less demanding of the film, nevertheless, they found both advantages and disadvantages in it, then the first viewers gave it very low marks. Among the only positive aspects of the film are good special effects and a stellar cast, but this was not enough for Zhivoye to recoup its $ 58 million budget at home, which ended at $ 30.2 million for the thriller.

Logan's Luck

Production budget - $ 29 million. Box office - $ 47 million.


Disappointed in cooperation with major film studios, Stephen Soderbergh first went to conquer small screens, and then decided to return to the world of big cinema with the comedy "Logan's Luck". And the very first results disappointed the eminent director: despite the abundance of positive reviews from critics, the audience was not too interested in the picture. For a long time one can argue that "Logan's Luck" is perhaps one of the best roles of Daniel Craig, who revealed his comedic potential, or call the film a well-developed action movie with subtle humor. However, this time the opinion of the reviewers and the desires of the audience differed, and the final collection is a vivid proof of this.

"Cure for health"

Production budget - $ 40 million. Box office - $ 27 million.


The first financial forecasts for Medicines for Health were not encouraging, and 20th Century Fox and New Regency decided to launch a creative promotional campaign: shortly before the premiere, sites appeared on the Web that published fake news about Donald Trump, abortions, vaccines, etc. Most of these articles either referred to the Health Cure itself or contained references to the film's plot. However, journalists from other publications took some of the information on trust and presented it to readers as true. A wave of social outrage ensued, and 20th Century Fox even had to issue a public apology. The box office box office was so small that the Gore Verbinski thriller didn't even make it to the top 5 of the US box office. At the exit, the director turned out a completely standard horror movie, which takes place within the walls of a terrible clinic, but Verbinski could not catch up with the proper level of suspense. In the world box office "Medicine for Health" managed to collect a little more than half of the production budget of $ 40 million.

Monster Trucks

Production budget - $ 125 million. Box office - $ 64.5 million.


Paramount had high hopes for Monster Trucks, hoping for a Transformers-like franchise. The release of the film was postponed several times, and when it finally went to the big screens in January, it could not win the attention of the audience, then still enjoying "Hidden Figures" - one of the nominees for the main film awards. Targeted at younger audiences, Monster Trucks failed to melt the hearts of critics and audiences alike. A stupid, albeit sometimes funny, adventure comedy initially did not have the potential of the same "Transformers", and in the absence of any other worthy qualities, the rental for "Monster Trucks" quite naturally ended in failure: only $ 64.5 million with a budget of $ 125 million .


Production budget - $ 30 million. Box office - $ 44.5 million.


When, after the release of Noah, several other projects by Darren Aronofsky did not get off the ground, the director, apparently tired of the uncertainty, wrote the script for the horror "Mom!" In just five days. The only thing left was to invite a star of the first magnitude to the main role. In the end, the choice fell on Jennifer Lawrence, who refused to participate in another project for the sake of the painting, and Javier Bardem became her partners. With such a cast and Aronofsky at the helm, it's no surprise that the project caught Paramount's attention. The premiere of the film took place at the Venice Film Festival, where the public's views on "Mom!" divided. In an attempt to attract an audience, the studio's management decided to advertise Aronofsky's tape before the screening of the horror film "It", which, however, did not save it from failure. If strict critics nevertheless managed to discern the philosophical value of "mother!"
Power Rangers

Production budget - $ 100 million. Box office - $ 142 million.


Once the Power Rangers media franchise turned its creator, Haim Saban, into a billionaire, and already in 2010 he started thinking about how to revive the schoolchildren saving the planet on the big screens. A few years later, this idea interested Lionsgate, which at that time was looking for ideas for the next franchise. So the new Power Rangers went into development. The blockbuster trailer received over 150 million views in the first 48 hours, and Saban made an ambitious announcement that they thought out the storyline for six films at once. Despite criticism from reviewers, “Power Rangers” got off to a good start at the box office, when the fairy tale “Beauty and the Beast” reigned in it, but the nostalgia of the audience is an unreliable feeling. By the second week, the audience of the remake had dropped significantly,
"Daughter and her mother"

Production budget - $ 42 million. Box office - $ 61 million.


Even before the premiere of Girls Without Complexes, Amy Schumer and 20th Century Fox were engaged in another joint project, called Her Mother and Daughter. In a couple of Sumer went to Goldie Hawn, for whom the comedy became a return to big cinema after a 15-year absence. The release of the film took place on the weekend, timed to celebrate Mother's Day, which undoubtedly played into the hands of Jonathan Levin's tape. However, in the following weeks, The Daughter and Her Mother lost viewers too quickly, and therefore only $ 45.9 million went to their piggy bank. It is noteworthy that moviegoers outside the United States did not appreciate the silly and unnecessary comedy at all.


Production budget - $ 25 million. Box office - $ 6 million.


The Coen brothers wrote the script for "Suburbicon" back in the 1980s, and at the beginning of the 21st century they planned to implement it in the company of George Clooney. The project was never brought to its logical conclusion, and ten years later Clooney, having enlisted the support of producer Grant Heslov, rewrote the text and decided to make a film based on it. The project was presented to potential buyers at the 2016 Berlinale, where it immediately aroused great interest. The first stop for the finished picture was the Venice Film Festival, but there was disappointment for such a prestigious film. Critics smashed it to smithereens, but Suburbicon never found its audience among the audience. It turned out to be too bizarre for the general public and too indistinct for connoisseurs of dark satire. Once again, Paramount studio was waiting for the collapse of all hopes after "mom!":
The LEGO Ninjago Movie

Production budget - $ 70 million. Box office - $ 123 million.


When in 2014 Lego. Film "unexpectedly became a real hit of the world box office, studio Warner Bros. hurried to announce the start of work on the continuation of the cartoon and its two spin-offs. The first of these was "The Lego Movie: Batman", the second - "The LEGO Ninjago Movie". The animation film dedicated to The Dark Knight was released in February and showed a negative growth rate compared to Lego. Film ”, but she still managed to collect more than $ 300 million at the worldwide box office. Before“ Ninjago ”had a more difficult task, since a similar animated series“ Masters of Spinjitzu ”is already being released on small screens. Warner Bros. launched a large-scale promotional campaign, which, however, did not save the tape from failure. According to critics, nothing original was found in it, and the once successful franchise began to repeat itself.

Production budget - $ 90 million. Box office - $ 8 million.


The historical drama The Promise was the passionate dream of billionaire Kirk Kerkorian, who for decades wanted to make an epic about the Armenian genocide. After Kerkorian's death in 2015, a separate division appeared within his corporation, which was engaged in the implementation of the project. Budget "Promise" was about $ 90 million, making it one of the most expensive independent projects in the history of cinema. In search of a distributor, the filmmakers submitted the film to the Toronto International Film Festival. However, finding a partner for a film with a similar theme was not so easy, but Terry George's drama still made it to the theaters. The tape with Christian Bale and Oscar Isaac did not impress the reviewers, but the audience liked it, which, however, did not save her from financial ruin. "Promise" raised only $ 8 million,
"Space between us"

Production budget - $ 30 million. Box office - $ 15 million.


After the studio Relativity declared its bankruptcy, the project "Space between us" was sold to the then young company STX. But while the studio did well with comedies like Bad Mommies, Peter Chelsom's fantastic drama turned out to be a failure. The $ 30 million film had a poor start at the box office, only slightly surpassing the result of another unsuccessful film directed by the director - the comedy "City and Country". By the third week, Space Between Us had lost most of its copies, and the $ 7.9 million it raised at home could hardly be credited to the film.

"Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets"

Production budget - $ 178 million. Box office - $ 225 million.


Luc Besson came to Cannes in 2015 with the idea of filming the cult French comic strip. As is the case with other projects of EuropaCorp, the adaptation of the graphic novel was supposed to collect about 80% of the planned budget even at the stage of selling the distribution rights. Besson has long established trusting relationships with partners, and his previous film "Lucy" was a success, and therefore it turned out to be easy to interest the producers in the new science fiction in the style of "The Fifth Element". The release of "Valerian and the Cities of a Thousand Planets" was scheduled for July, when at the box office he had to compete with "Dunkirk", "Planet of the Apes" and "Spider-Man", and Besson's tape frankly lost this battle. With a production budget of $ 178 million (according to some sources, it amounted to all $ 212 million), the blockbuster mastered only $ 17 million at the start, and mixed reviews from critics did not help him lure viewers to his side. Abroad, Valerian's business was also not the best: in the homeland of the comic book, in France, the film performed well, but in other countries it could not boast of such success.

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