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Emmerich and Universal will catch the falling moon

Image The long-awaited sequel to Independence Day has barely started to raise money for science fiction fans, and its director Roland Emmerich is already ready to start filming another crushing storyline. Deadline reports that Moonfall , a new disaster for the filmmaker, was taken under its wing by Universal .

Moonfall promises to be similar to the pictures "2012" and "Close Encounters of the Third Kind".At the center of the story is a group of motley losers led by an astronaut who has lost the confidence of his superiors. They have to become a team and save mankind from the cosmic threat - the moon that descended from orbit and rushed to the Earth ...

It is known that working with Emmerich on the new tape was also not averse to Sony Pictures and Fox . Universal , however, proved to be more persistent than its competitors and paid more than $ 1 million for the script of the picture. One of the producers of the production will be Roland's longtime partner Harald Kloser, who worked with the director on the films "The Day After Tomorrow", "10,000 BC", " 2012 ", " Anonymous ”,“ Storming the White House ”and“ Independence Day: Revival ”.


According to the publication, the bosses of Universal are not going to put off the project indefinitely, which means that information about the castings and other details will not be long in coming.

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Author: Jake Pinkman