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Princess in a paper bag

Image The times of tender and defenseless princesses are long gone. They were replaced by strong, independent and brave girls who do not stop at anything and can independently save the handsome prince, and at the same time his horse. Another fearless princess will soon move to the big screens, The Hollywood Reporter reports.

Universal was victorious over the rights to film the 1980 book Princess in a Paper Bag by Canadian writer Robert N. Mansh. In the center of the plot - Princess Elizabeth, about to marry the handsome Prince Ronald, when the dragon attacked the kingdom. He destroyed the castle, kidnapped the groom and burned all of Elizabeth's clothes. And when she started looking for what to wear, the only option was a paper bag. The princess goes after the dragon to save her betrothed husband. When she nevertheless frees Ronald, instead of gratitude, he makes a remark about her appearance and advises her to return to her previous appearance. Elizabeth tosses the boorish groom and walks off into the sunset, dancing.


The book became a bestseller, earning praise for its fight against gender stereotypes and the idea of empowering women. Since its first publication, Princess in a Paper Bag has been reprinted 90 times, translated into dozens of languages and sold over 10 million copies.

Katie Silberman will work on the script for the future film, but Elizabeth Banks will take over the filming, continuing to build a career not only in the acting, but also in the director's field. Together with another actress, Margot Robbie, Banks will also act as a producer of the fairy tale. It is not yet known who will play the main role in the film. Perhaps it will be just Margot Robbie.


Banks has directed several short films, as well as the musical comedy "Pitch Perfect 2". In addition, she has been credited with filming the Charlie's Angels reboot for Sony for several years now. As for Margot Robbie, in the near future the actress can be seen in the biopic about the author of "Winnie the Pooh" A. A. Milna and the sports drama "I, Tonya", where she plays the figure skater Tonya Harding.

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