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Submarine ready for a new voyage

Image When Bavaria Film announced the start of work on a remake of Submarine two years ago, many film fans expressed concern that the new version of the war drama could not surpass the original film by Wolfgang Petersen. ... The management of the German company decided to listen to the opinion of the audience and transform their project into a television sequel to the famous 1981 film.

According to Variety , Bavaria Film partners with the American Sonar Entertainment and the cable TV network Sonar Entertainment on the eight-part mini-series Submarine. b>Sky Deutschland . The budget for the sequel to one of the greatest films of World War II is estimated at $ 28 million . During the 104-day shooting period, the team of the series intends to visit Prague, La Rochelle, Munich and Malta.

All eight episodes of the new " Submarine " will be directed by Austrian Andreas Prohaska ("Dark Valley"). The miniseries starred Lizzie Kaplan (Monstro), Rick Ocon (Romeo), August Wittgenstein (Ludwig of Bavaria), Vicky Crips (Colony Dignidad) and Jonathan Zakkai (Robin Hood).


The details of the plot of the military drama are still kept secret. It is only known that its action will unfold in the autumn of 1942, and the public will have the opportunity to look at sea battles both through the eyes of German submariners and officers of the Allied army.

Submarine is slated to premiere next fall.

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Author: Jake Pinkman