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”It's alive!” Trailer of the movie ”My Favorite Dinosaur”

Image The little prince taught us to be responsible for those we tame. But what if the pet outgrows its owner and begins to pose a real threat not only to him, but also to those around him? From this idea, the creators of the project "My Favorite Dinosaur" decided to make a family film with a 6+ rating, and today we can evaluate the dubbed trailer for what happened in the end. Matt Drummond was responsible for the script and production of the film, who came up with the plot after the success of his debut - the action adventure "Dinosaur Island" in 2014.

One day, an ordinary boy Jake, not far from his house, discovers an amazing find - a tiny creature resembling a dinosaur. It turned out that this is a dinosaur, and would-be scientists are responsible for its appearance. Jake decides to keep the pet for himself, but there is one problem: the dinosaur grows by leaps and bounds, and very soon turns into a giant killing machine, which begins to bother Jake's friends. Moreover, it is no longer possible to hide this creature, and everything goes to the fact that Jake will have to say goodbye to his beloved pet. Unless, of course, he and the dinosaur come up with some cunning plan to deceive the evil uncles ...

If it seems to you that you have already seen all this somewhere, then it does not seem to you. In 2007, a similar development of events could be seen in the film entitled "My Household Dinosaur", but in general, Drummond's creation resembles an artwork based on "Mysterious Events", only with a "children's" rating. However, if your child is a big fan of dinosaurs, he is unlikely to pay attention to the secondary nature of the film, and a bucket of popcorn bought on time will make the viewing unforgettable.

Dubbed trailer

The premiere of the film in USA is scheduled for December 28.

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