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Paramount Snow Apocalypse for Models

Image Paramount and Paul Fieg , director of the female version of Ghostbusters, are ready to tell the story of the survival of supermodels in the Chilean mountains. As it became known to the site The Hollywood Reporter , the major has acquired the rights to film adaptation of the article Supermodel Snowpocalypse , written by Mickey Rapkin for the magazine Elle .

Paul Fig will be co-producing the project with his Feigco colleague Jesse Henderson, but the filmmaker has no plans to direct the upcoming film yet.

The article tells how in July 1977 two sisters, the elder's boyfriend, and part-time photographer, as well as a group of models went to Chile for a gorgeous photo shoot. Soon after the arrival of the company at the ski resort, a blizzard began. Despite the serious danger, young people did not lose their spirits and together with other guests of the hotel turned it into their own version of the scandalous nightclub Studio 54 . For a week, the group was cut off from civilization, the phones did not work, but the Americans eventually came up with a cunning plan to leave the hotel and return home ...


The idea to write an article about the events of 1977 to Rapkin was suggested by Chris Goldberg of Studio 8 - his parents were directly involved in the Chilean adventures. Goldberg will co-produce the project.

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Author: Jake Pinkman