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Sony will go to ISS

Image At the end of this year, Sony studio will play a love story in the scenery of a spaceship in the sci-fi movie "Passengers", but for now its management has decided to take into development another project about the endless expanses of the Universe. The Hollywood Film Company has acquired the rights to film the autobiography of the famous American astronaut Scott Kelly , reports The Tracking Board .

After graduating from university, Kelly decided to connect his life with aviation. For several years he served as a fighter-interceptor pilot, until in 1996 he and his twin brother Mark received an invitation to participate in the astronaut training program NASA . Scott made his first space flight in 1999, after which three more missions awaited him by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration .

In November 2012, Kelly , together with USA Mikhail Kornienko, took part in a unique scientific experiment, according to which the cosmonauts had to spend a whole year at the International Space Station . Thanks to this mission, Scott set a new American record for the most time spent in space.


Endurance: My Year in Space will not go on sale until next year, but Sony has decided to purchase the film adaptation rights in advance. Amy Pascal (Ghostbusters) and Kelly himself will be producing the biopic.

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