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John Chu will return from magic to dancing

Image We recently reported that the popular Broadway musical In the Heights , through the efforts of The Weinstein Co. , will hit the big screens. The studio has made the project one of the priorities, and therefore the name of the director of the future film is already known. According to the site The Hollywood Reporter , this will be John Chu .

The original production has won four Tony and one Grammy awards, and its creator and lead actor Lin-Manuel Miranda has become known to the general public. He, by the way, is one of the producers of the new tape. Once upon a time, Universal planned to move the musical to the big screens, but in 2011 the studio management abandoned this idea, considering the budget of $ 37 million , proposed by director Kenny Ortega, is too high for a project of this kind.

The new movie will take place in Washington Heights, Manhattan. The protagonist is the owner of a small grocery store, who is seriously thinking about closing his store and returning to his homeland, to the Dominican Republic, where he will inherit from his deceased grandmother.

Miranda wrote the script for the production at the age of 20, while still a student, and it is not yet known if the actor is ready to take part in the filming of the full-length version.


John Chu is not a newcomer to the world of musical films - he led the work on the films Step Up 2: The Streets, Step Up 3D and Justin Bieber. Believe ". Now in cinemas you can watch the director's latest creation - the second "Illusion of Deception", and in his plans for the future there was a place not only for the third film about The Four Horsemen , but also for the comedy Crazy Rich Asians.

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Author: Jake Pinkman