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The shooter forgot his father's face. Review of The Dark Tower

Image Stephen King wrote The Dark Tower for about thirty years. When the book series was over, Hollywood tycoons, as expected, began to think about transferring material to the screen. For ten years, many have approached the film adaptation, but every time everything fell apart - "The Dark Tower" as if she herself did not want a movie about it. But if the producers have thought of something, they cannot be stopped, and now the long-suffering project finally made it to the world screens.

On the face of it, Jake is an ordinary teenager with tousled hair and a slightly restless look. But this is only at first glance. Jake has serious psychological trauma associated with the loss of his father. After school, he visits a psychotherapist who is trying in every possible way to help the boy and explain the secret meaning of the nightmares that torment Jake from night to night. Only these are not nightmares, but real visions, where he beholds the mysterious Dark Tower, the Arrow that protects it, and the Man in Black with a very unkind look ...

After a series of directors (Ron Howard, JJ Abrams, Akiva Goldsman), who approached The Dark Tower , the Dane Nikolai Arcel (The Royal Affair) eventually took the helm. Idris Elba, Matthew McConaughey and Tom Taylor got the leading roles in the film.


We should start by recognizing the fact that The Dark Tower is not an adaptation of any of the eight books in the cycle. The filmmakers took the world created by King and several characters and told their story. Given this approach, a lot becomes clear. The same Idris Elba was chosen for the role of Gunslinger despite the fact that the book Gunslinger was written off by King from Clint's western heroes Eastwood. After watching, the author himself stated that the film "The Dark Tower" is an independent work, which is close to books in spirit, but no more. Therefore, it was illogical to expect the events described in the books from the tape.

But even if the tape is perceived as an independent work, a number of questions still arise for it. For example, why is there practically no Dark Tower itself? Of course, there are also cases when the hero appears for only ten minutes, but the whole plot is simply permeated with his presence, and the name is first in the credits. A striking example is "Apocalypse Now". However, Nikolai Arcel is not (yet) Francis Ford Coppola, so he did not manage to saturate his picture with the secrets and power of the title character.


Sitting in the director's chair someone like Darren Aronofsky, one would expect a deep psychological study of the material, up to the representation of The Dark Tower as nothing more than a metaphor. But Nikolai Arsel decided to shoot a blockbuster without going into experiments with a double bottom.

True, the new picture can be called a blockbuster with a big stretch. The action scenes were shot well, with high quality and feeling, but there are too few of them. The epic scope of the story is also lacking. As soon as the viewer gets ready to enjoy what is happening on the screen, the thriller for the younger generation begins again - devoid of intrigue and drama. The heroes utter truths that have set the teeth on edge and break the elementary laws of logic: The shooter has made himself a considerable number of enemies, but he makes such a fire that they can easily notice him without binoculars. Of course, when the film turns out to be exciting, you can forgive him a lot, but if he does not captivate, you involuntarily notice a large number of flaws. Only the winners are not judged.

By the way, not only the narrative turned out to be predictable and practically devoid of intrigue. The main characters of the tape also do not cause any special emotions, since they turned out to be very flat. And the point here is not in the professionalism of McConaughey and Elba - he just does not raise any questions - but in the character arcs themselves, whose motivation is monotonous and questionable. And when the actors have practically nothing to play, there is no point in blaming them. Young Jake played by Tom Taylor was the only more or less living hero. He has had more trials during the film than the others, so this character evokes at least some sympathy and empathy. True, when he takes the oath Arrow , she is much less trusted than his fears for the life of his mother. As for the title character - the Dark Tower itself - the viewer generally recalls her only when she appears in dialogues.


However, there are some pleasant moments in the film. In particular, the action scenes should be noted. They, as already mentioned, are few, but it was them that Arcel filmed with inspiration. They turned out to be exciting and full of curious directorial finds - some ways to load revolvers are expensive. It is possible that these fragments will later even be parodied in other films.

Another nice feature of The Dark Tower is the references to other works by Stephen King . The author is known for the fact that he likes to link his books directly or indirectly to each other, and this nod to the King of Horrors Arcel has included in his cinema. Then there will be a photo of the Overlook Hotel, where Jack Torrance was going crazy, then the numbers 14-08 will flash, then the heroes will find themselves on the ruins of an amusement park called "Pennywise". While this is purely for connoisseurs and not the general public, the bonus is nonetheless nice.


If you try to figure out why the film turned out exactly like this, then there are several reasons for this. The desire of the producers to film such a popular cycle of books is understandable, but each volume is just a part of the overall story, which means, if you aim, then immediately to the franchise. However, the studio spent a lot of money on the preparatory work, which took ten years, and the desire to recover the losses is absolutely logical. Therefore, we decided to make the first film in the format of not an adaptation, but reflections on the topic. Like, if it shoots, you can always rivet sequels that will expand the universe. Now the studio is seriously thinking about launching a series. And the series is a much better decision. At least because of the format. But, of course, bosses will look primarily at debit and credit. As for the viewer's assessment, the verdict is as follows: following the creation process<

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