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The Elusive Benicio del Toro

Image The Escape was a hit at the time, and this year FOX returned the show with a new season. Now Showtime will also show the audience a visual instruction on how to escape from a well-guarded prison.

According to the portal Collider , the cable channel that gave us Dexter has ordered eight episodes of the drama entitled Escape at Dannemora . The miniseries will be headed by actor Ben Stiller, who has tried his hand at directing more than once ("Model Male 2", "The Incredible Life of Walter Mitty"). The main roles in the project were given to Benicio del Toro ("The Big Score"), Patricia Arquette ("The Medium") and Paul Dano ("The Man - Swiss knife ").

The new show, based on true events, focuses on the 2015 prison break of Clinton by two inmates. The event had a huge resonance and attracted public attention - it was the first successful escape from this place in 170 years. Richard Matt was serving a sentence for two murders - his own boss and a stranger in a bar in Mexico. David Sweet was convicted after the death of a deputy sheriff. The criminals managed to escape from the institution, and the state gave $ 100 thousand for the head of each of them. As a result, 20 days later, Matt was tracked down and killed during the capture, and Sweet was soon found.


Benicio del Toro in the new series will play Richard Matt , who was the main organizer of the escape. His partner David Sweet will be portrayed by Paul Dano . Patricia Arquette got the role of Tilly Mitchell - a married woman in charge of a prison sewing workshop. She not only had sexual relations with both criminals, but also helped them carry out a daring plan.

According to Ben Stiller , not only will the jailbreak play an important role in the series, but also the stories of ordinary people who have to pay for the wrong decisions.

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Author: Jake Pinkman