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Oscar-winning Special Effects Master Goes Down

Image In 2009, the American film company Covert Media took part in the creation of the sci-fi film District 9, which revealed the talent of South African Neil Blomkamp to the world. Now the Hollywood studio is ready to help launch another talented CGI expert to launch a director's career.

As reported by Variety , Covert Media has decided to entrust the production of its action-packed thriller Resurface to the British Paul J. Franklin . The special effects master began his career in Hollywood back in the 90s, but the long-awaited recognition of the professional community came to him only after his collaboration with Christopher Nolan. Franklin and his eminent compatriot first crossed paths on the set of the first film in The Dark Knight trilogy, which managed to win a British BAFTA nomination for Best Visual Effects.

Soon the talent of Paul drew attention to the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences . In 2011, he won his first Oscar for creating amazing practical effects and realistic CGI in the blockbuster Inception. Last year, Franklin repeated his triumph with the coveted statuette for his work on Interstellar.


The debut director will have to implement the script by Pete Bridges. Last year, the budding Australian screenwriter was included in the famous Blacklist of Hollywood's Best Unrealized Ideas. The protagonist of the thriller will be a scientist trapped in a research station at the bottom of the Mariana Trench after a powerful underwater earthquake.

Covert Media will be supported in the work on the project by Broken Road Productions , whose track record includes the films "Towards the Storm" and "Scouts Against Zombies".

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Author: Jake Pinkman