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Apple Tells Amazing Stories

Image In August of this year, we reported that Apple intends to follow a number of major streaming and video hosting platforms into the TV content market. To become a serious competitor to online services Netflix, Hulu and Amazon, the American corporation is ready to spend about $ 1 billion on the creation of a starter line of TV series and entertainment programs.

As it became known, the young Apple television department decided to make its first major investment. According to the publication Deadline, the "apple" company acquired the rights to a remake of the famous anthology "Amazing Stories."

The original sci-fi series was created by Steven Spielberg in 1985. Many famous directors, scriptwriters and actors took part in the filming of the show. Amazing Stories earned NBC a fantastic 12 Emmy nominations, but the anthology's television ratings left a lot to be desired. As a result, the channel bosses decided to close the series after the second season.


Two years ago, NBC executives attempted to revive their legendary show. Fans of the original were delighted to know that the series' writing team will be led by talented screenwriter Brian Fuller (American Gods, Star Trek: Discovery). At the same time, fans of sai-fay were pretty upset by the information that Steven Spielberg himself risks being left behind the reboot.

Over the past two years, NBC has failed to get the project off the ground. Now the rights to reboot "Amazing Stories" have passed to Apple Corporation, which intends not only to retain the old team of writers led by Fuller, but also to bring Spielberg's company Amblin Television to work on the series.


The date of the premiere of the new version of "Amazing Stories" has not yet been announced.

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Author: Jake Pinkman