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Casting: A Company for Widows and Dwayne Johnson

Image Carrie Kuhn is known for her work on television, in particular, the actress recently starred in the third season of "Fargo". The movie debut of Kuhn was the thriller Gone Girl, and Carrie will continue to conquer the big screens in The Widows .

Director Steve McQueen (12 Years a Slave) worked with writer Gillian Flynn on a full-length adaptation of the 1983 series of the same name. It will focus on women whose husbands are killed during a robbery. Briefly killing the deceased spouses, the heroines decide to complete the work they have begun.

The cast includes Viola Davis, Elizabeth Debicki, Michelle Rodriguez, Liam Neeson, Colin Farrell, Daniel Kaluuya and Andre Holland. According to the source, Carrie Kuhn got the role of one of the widows, who, unlike the others, will refuse to participate in the crime.

In the list of future full-length projects of the actress, you can also find the drama "The Newspapers" by Steven Spielberg and the sci-fi action movie "Kinsfolk".


Neve Campbell ("The Scream") will travel to the set of the action movie Skyscraper to join Dwayne Johnson. Rawson Marshall Thurber ("Spy One and a Half") will take the director's chair. Johnson will play the former FBI officer who led the hostage rescue squad. After leaving the bureau, he retrained as a skyscraper safety consultant. During a mission in China, a fire breaks out in one of the buildings, and the main character is blamed for the tragedy. Now he, while on the run, must clear his own name, track down the real criminal and save his family.

What role went to Campbell , the source does not specify. Filming of the action movie will begin in August.


Jennifer Lopez ("Parker") returns to the world of romantic comedy - the singer and actress will star in the film Second Act by STX . The film will focus on a hypermarket employee who gets a chance to prove to Madison Avenue that experience and knowledge are just as important as a college degree. As conceived by the creators, the project will be a cross between "Business Woman" and "Lady Maid".

The rom-com script was written by Justin Zackman (The Big Wedding) and Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas (The Perfect Stranger) and was originally written under Lopez . The film will be directed by Peter Segal, who has experience in the genre thanks to 50 First Kisses.

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