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Nevsky vs. Jackie Chan: Watch This Week

Image In recent years, domestic filmmakers and officials from the Ministry of Culture have increasingly started talking about the need to reduce the number of American films on the big screens. Next week will give fans of the most important of the arts the opportunity to imagine what a USA release might look like without high-profile Hollywood premieres.

The creators of a number of USA and European films are in a hurry to take advantage of the fact that the leading studios of the Dream Factory have decided to amicably ignore the upcoming rental week. They are ready to present the audience with a meeting with the magnificent Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan, a British fighter for the rights of people with disabilities, a powerful USA hero and new hostages of Alexander Nevsky's creativity.

The most striking novelty of the domestic box office promises to be the crime thriller "Foreigner", in which the Vietnamese restaurateur Ngoc Min Kwan (Jackie Chan) will try to avenge the death of his daughter IRA members and politician Liam Hennessy (Pierce Brosnan). Nick Cassavetes chose the director's chair for Stephen Leser's film adaptation of the best-stealer "The Chinese", but in the end, the British studio The Fyzz Facility entrusted the work on the project to Martin Campbell. The choice of the London company management is easy to explain. First, the New Zealander has a wealth of experience creating spectacular action movies. Suffice it to say that he successfully rebooted the James Bond franchise twice in his time. Second, Campbell clearly saw The Foreigner as a return ticket to the world of big cinema.

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Martin's return to duty turned out to be quite successful. The script for the film about the avenger from London's Chinatown does not shine with originality, but critics readily note Campbell's masterful direction and the excellent performance of the main stars of The Foreigner. Jackie Chan received especially warm words in the foreign press, who managed to reveal himself from a new side and prove himself as a great dramatic actor. To date, the crime thriller has already earned more than $ 135 million, which allowed him to safely recapture his $ 35 million budget. Now the USA fans of Campbell, Chan and Brosnan will try to make their contribution to the Inostranets' treasury.

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Real moviegoers also have no right to ignore Andy Serkis's directorial debut. Hollywood's foremost expert in Motion Capture technology gained experience on the other side of the camera thanks to his good friend Peter Jackson, who appointed him to head the second production team of The Hobbit. Andy's first solo directorial work was supposed to be the blockbuster "The Jungle Book: Beginning", which began filming two years ago. The creation of special effects in the new film adaptation of the collection of short stories by Rudyard Kipling was pretty delayed, which is why Warner Bros. had to postpone the premiere of the film to 2018. As a result, Serkis chose to switch his attention to a much more modest in scale, but no less intriguing project. The aspiring director decided to shoot a biographical drama about the life of Robin Cavendish, who contracted poliovirus at the age of 28 and remained paralyzed below the neck. Doctors allotted him only three months of life, but in the end the courageous Englishman managed to refute the gloomy forecasts of the Aesculapians and make a huge contribution to the development of means and methods of caring for the disabled. Breathe for Us, starring Andrew Garfield and Claire Foy, has already earned a lot of accolades in the press and received two nominations for the British Independent Film Awards.


Meanwhile, the domestic film industry is preparing to send the film "The Legend of Kolovrat" into battle. Despite a solid budget of 360 million rubles, viewers should not rely on a historical epic about the confrontation between the famous Ryazan governor and Khan Batu. Instead of filming battle scenes on the endless fields of our vast Motherland, the film team chose to work in stuffy pavilions against the background of a chroma key. As a result, the creators of The Legend of Kolovrat began to position their brainchild as an adventure fantasy. Moreover, the producers began to justify in advance the weak computer graphics in the film by the fact that it was allegedly deliberately made fabulous. The trailers of the film by Ivan Shurkhovetsky create a complete feeling that the public is waiting for another copy of the high-profile Hollywood hits. If at the beginning of the year the USA filmmakers tried unsuccessfully to give an answer to The Avengers, now they are clearly aiming at Zach Snyder's 300 Spartans.

ImageAnother attempt to catch up and surpass Hollywood was made by domestic animators. No sooner had the audience gone through a course of psychological rehabilitation after watching the American "Emoji Film", when on the screens of cinemas they were already waiting for a USA cartoon about the adventures of emoticons - "Kolobanga. Hello Internet! " Sony's animation tape received a terrifying 9% rating on the review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, which played both for and against the creators of the feature film based on the popular animated series Kolobanga. For Internet users only. " On the one hand, they have a unique chance to play in contrast to one of the worst film projects of this year. With another, many viewers are unlikely to reschedule a second encounter with talking emoji in three months. And the competition in the person of Pixar's "Secret of Coco" does not allow full-length "Kolobanga" to hope for sky-high fees. The situation looks even sadder considering that, in terms of the original idea, USA animators have for once overtaken their overseas colleagues: Sony started work on the Emoji Film in the summer of 2015, and the STS channel ordered the first season of Kolobanga a year earlier. ...
Sony began work on the Emoji Film in the summer of 2015, and STS ordered the first season of Kolobanga a year earlier.
Sony began work on the Emoji Film in the summer of 2015, and STS ordered the first season of Kolobanga a year earlier.


While some domestic companies are playing catch-up with the Dream Factory, others are desperately trying to establish cooperation with overseas partners. The USA studio with the immodest name Tsar Pictures is ready to present its founding father with another attempt to conquer Hollywood. Actor Alexander Nevsky returns to the big screens in the comedy action film Maximum Impact to rescue the granddaughter of the US Secretary of State from the clutches of terrorists. While the latest films starring the fake Mr. Universe title have received scandalous press coverage and flooded the box office, mysterious donors continue to sponsor the meme man. This time Nevsky had enough funds for the services of screenwriter Ross LaManna (Rush Hour), director Andrzej Bartkowiak (Romeo Must Die) and such foreign actors as Mark Dacascos, Eric Roberts, Kelly Hu, William Baldwin, Tom Arnold and Danny Trejo. With the support of B-category film stars, "USA Schwarzenegger" will, of course, playfully prevent the threat of World War III, but will hardly be able to save his own film career.

ImageSeveral new products of the next week are of serious interest to fans of horror and thrillers. The creators of the French-Spanish horror film Atlantis will tell the story of a young scientist who is sent to a small island in the Arctic Circle to conduct meteorological research. Soon, the protagonist discovers that his predecessor died of typhus, and the only inhabitant of the forgotten piece of land is the laconic lighthouse keeper performed by the charismatic Briton Ray Stevenson. By all the laws of the genre, the island is far from being as uninhabited as it might seem at first glance.

The main character of the Irish horror film "The Curse of Hopwell" will also face the intruders. In the center of the story will be the victim of a car accident, trapped in a cursed hospital ward. The character of the national film "Envelope", in whose hands a mysterious letter, will also feel the influence of otherworldly forces. The Kazakh psychological thriller "She" about a mother and daughter living in a depopulated metropolis also looks very intriguing. Briton Jason Fleming will try to evoke a mixture of horror and fun in the audience. The directorial debut of one of Guy Ritchie's main favorites was the film "Natural Ghouls" about a young guy who instead of a date ended up at a secret meeting of vampires.


The French comedy "Both Laughter and Sin" about a music producer who decided to assemble a boy group of a priest, an imam and a rabbi also promises to give the audience a positive charge. Fans of the dramatic genre should purchase tickets for the Bitch-Fate and Passion and Fidelity screenings, starring Gael Garcia Bernal and Matthias Schonarts, respectively. The protagonists of both films will be men with a criminal past, whose fortunes will undergo drastic changes after meeting charming ladies. Connoisseurs of documentary filmmaking can also plan a trip to the cinema. The domestic film "About Rock" will tell about the path to fame of three musical groups, and the Turkish film "City of Cats" will give viewers the opportunity to see Istanbul through the eyes of the most mysterious pets.

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