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USAn Box Office: sleight of hand and fantastic box office

Image For some, the holidays are behind us, but distributors with their cunning release strategies are likely to continue to be in high spirits because of the soaring box office numbers. The last extended weekend brought representatives of the film industry 1.1 billion rubles . This is not a record amount in the history of rental, but the fourth largest this year. Of course, the twenty highest-grossing films in early November managed to achieve such results mainly thanks to the adaptation of the comic book " Doctor Strange " from the studio Marvel , inexorably proving their superiority in this niche.

We recently wrote about the tricks that the company's creative producers go to for the financial success of their projects. And last week it was mentioned in passing that domestic tycoons are not lagging behind their overseas colleagues. It seems that they were infected with the adventurous spirit of the tape itself, and in their tricks with planning, they did not go far from its main character. In short, their non-standard release strategy cannot be called otherwise than a pragmatic calculation. As a reminder, Scott Derrickson's blockbuster received three days of previews in premium formats like IMAX, Atmos and Auro , officially launching on Monday 31 October. As the experts predicted, these days in the preview and the following week of full-fledged shows turned out to be a solid 991 million rubles for a dynamic, spectacular and ironic picture. Moreover,

The tricky distribution scheme does not allow journalists to draw the usual parallels with the indicators of rivals in the genre. Therefore, analysts prefer to deduct part of the amount and take into account only those incomes that the charming former neurosurgeon turned supreme wizard and protector of the Earth managed to get hold of over the weekend. From November 3 to 6, "Mr. Doctor " with his magic tricks made the audience fork out for 538 million rubles . This is more than the "Guardians of the Galaxy" ( 461 million rubles. ), "Ant-Man" ( 267.1 million rubles. ) and conflicting Batman and Superman ( 530 million rubles. ), but less than Steve Rogers and Tony Stark brought studios by their opposition ( 621 million rubles ). However, here it is worth making a remark, that carrying all metaphysical nonsense Strange in the near future will still leave the triquel " The First Avenger " with its 1.09 billion rubles . behind.

The incredible demand for " Doctor Strange " is quite understandable - a competent promotional campaign emphasized all the advantages of the tape (inventive graphics, vigorous action, appropriate and unpretentious humor, skillful selection of the cast), while not emphasizing its shortcomings ( lack of real novelty and only cosmetic changes in the stable working scheme of becoming a superhero). In addition, the picture of Derrickson is more embedded in popular culture than its neighbors in the cinematic universe, which means it attracts not only the geek community, but also moviegoers who usually do not show interest in comics. Finally, Benedict Cumberbatch, Tilda Syunton and Mads Mikkelsen have contributed to the success of the enterprise, who have enough self-irony not to look ridiculous in the images of people out of this world.

ImageBut not only " Doctor Strange " last week he demonstrated his financial viability - he used the cartoon " Trolls " for his own good during the autumn holidays. We are accustomed to situations when the amount of project fees after the debut weekend gradually dwindles, and we especially note those cases when this does not happen very quickly. But the cartoon Walt Dorn and Mike Mitchell even managed to increase its receipts by 2.9% over its first week. A similar thing happened five years ago when Puss in Boots achieved a 5% increase in the box office. By the way, both original record holders were created under the brand of the studio<
Apparently, an exceptionally kind and positive animation picture, despite the impossibly simple plot and stereotyped characters, nevertheless captured the attention of older children. After all, not the same preschool children with their parents brought her 255 million rubles. , bringing the total share of profit to 618 million rubles . Be that as it may, the charming singing creatures with bright hair on the second weekend's fees were second only to the secret life "Pets" ( 319 million rubles. ) and the anthropomorphic inhabitants of "Zootopia" ( 324 million rub. ). As regular readers of this column may remember, we have already said that the competition for attention and wallets of the audience is great not only among the majors engaged in adaptations of graphic novels, but also in the field of animation giants. In light of this fact, the achievement of " Trolls "look significant. Not all, even the most powerful, animation corporations can boast of the box office prospects of their projects. So, " Trolls " easily bypassed higher quality cartoons like "Finding Dory" ( 599 million rubles. ) and "Storks" ( 317 million rubles. ), and analysts will tell them at least 800 million rubles. based on the results of the rental.

The thriller Tate TaylorThe Girl on the Train ” can be considered a symbol of stability this week. With 120.5 million rubles. the adaptation of the eponymous bestseller by Paula Hawkins only slightly lagged behind a similar representative of the genre two years ago. "The Gone Girl" closed her first weekend of 127.8 million rubles. , while she had more sessions at her disposal, and the name of David Fincher, who made the film, worries the minds of fans of auteur cinema more. But this is where the comparison of the two tapes ends.


If critics and viewers praised “ Gone ” (and not so much for the detective component, but for snide criticism of society in general and the institution of marriage in particular), then “ Girl on a Train ” I did not find such support. Instead of the hyped thriller promised by the advertisement with unbroken intrigue, the audience received something like a hysterical melodrama with weak motivation of the main character, idle suspense, stilted dialogues and a series of tiresome flashbacks. Journalists, without saying a word, recognized only one plus of the project - the game of Emily Blunt, which is gaining momentum from film to film.

The professional community met the USA sports drama " Hammer " even worse. Possessing all the attributes necessary for a genre, well-staged battle scenes, impressive choreography and dynamic action, the film loses in the main thing - the script. The story told in it, although simple, is fake, and Nurbek Egen is clearly not the director who can draw out a weak plot with the assets of the actors involved in the shooting.


It is all the more surprising that all this did not have a critical impact on the tape's income. Its 53 million rubles. confirms the trend emerging last year, according to which USAs prefer domestic sports dramas to foreign ones. So, our moviegoers organized a cool reception for "Creed" ( 39.2 million rubles. ) and "Levsha" ( 25.9 million rubles. ), but they received much warmer " Warrior "( 104 million rubles. ), which caused a plagiarism scandal.

The action movie “ Reckoning ” closes our review, at the beginning of the march across the country’s screens it suffered from sharp criticisms addressed to itself, fortunately after that word of mouth went off, convincing viewers who had not yet appreciated the project of the undeniable advantages of the film. As a result, the film Gavin O'Connor with Ben Affleck and Anna Kendrick in the lead roles earned another 51 million rubles. , and its total box office now amounts to 142 million rubles.

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