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US Boxing Office Celebrates Halloween

Image The upcoming Halloween celebration also affected the preferences of American viewers - instead of embarking on a dangerous adventure with Jack Reacher , the majority on the eve of All Saints' Day nevertheless decided to join the old woman Madea . In addition, the past weekend ( October 21-23 ) became a record for the US box office over the past two months - films from the top 12 managed to raise almost $ 114 million , which is 28% more than the previous weekend and 20% more than the same period in 2015.

Much credit goes to the comedy Tyler Perry Madea's Halloween . The tape finished its first weekend with a result of $ 27.6 million . The previous picture of the franchise started with $ 16 million , but apparently the three-year absence of the heroine in cinemas affected. And the audience was delighted with her and gave an excellent A on the site CinemaScore .

True, critics do not share this enthusiasm. Most of them point out that Tyler Perry is starting to repeat itself, and the jokes are getting less funny with every movie in the franchise. In addition, some of the cast of the next sequel are YouTube stars, and the performance of some of them leaves much to be desired.


Halloween is approaching, to which the tape is timed, and the final result depends entirely on what the fees for the second weekend will be. Journalists predict that the film will surpass the mark of $ 50 million , but do not exclude the possibility that it will be able to earn much more.


Jack Reacher Madea lost the first battle - the sequel to the 2012 film raised $ 23 million at the start. It would seem that the second part surpassed the opening result of the first ( $ 15.2 million ), but at the same time it did not cause the same violent reaction from the public. So, the action movie Edward Zwick had to be content with a rating of B + from viewers and a 40% rating on RottenTomatoes , which is unlikely to help the film in the future. However, it's worth noting that outside the US, the second Jack Reacher immediately earned $ 31 million .

Of course, it is difficult to surprise the modern viewer with chases and fights, but, fortunately, "Jack Reacher" has a plot component as well. Edward Zwick created a sequel that cannot be called an outstanding film work, but critics did not find any particular flaws in it.


A serious struggle broke out for the third place in the top-5, and the victory was snatched by the horror film “ Ouiji. The curse of the devil's board ". In the first week at the box office, he managed to collect $ 14.06 million on a modest budget of $ 9 million . And although critics talk about the film in a positive way, viewers gave it a low rating, giving it a C rating. According to reviewers, the horror of Mike Flanagan turned out to be really frightening, while the picture is not alien to the psychological versatility and careful study of details. According to forecasts, the film will complete home rental at $ 36 million , which, given the small budget, can be called a success.


Quite a bit The Curse of the Devil's Board gave way to the thriller Reckoning , which quickly gave up the leadership in the box office. The film with Ben Affleck has added $ 14.03 million to its asset, and now has $ 47.9 million on its account. Gavin O'Connor lost 43% of its audience in a week, which is not too bad considering the competition from the second Jack Reacher .


Closing the top 5 of the past weekend, another thriller - " The Girl on the Train " by Tate Taylor . Emily Blunt as a dysfunctional Rachel received from viewers $ 7.3 million . Now the picture has $ 58.9 million in its piggy bank, and taking into account the results on the world stage, it has already collected more than $ 100 million .

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