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James Bond is ready to return

Image The good news was announced on the official Twitter of Bond: the management of EON Productions has set the North American premiere of the 25th film about the adventures of Agent 007 on November 8, 2019. By good tradition, the picture will be released in the UK a few days earlier. Unfortunately, this is where the pleasant information for the fans of the film series ends. As of now, Bond 25 has no distributor, director or lead actor.

Since EON Productions has announced the exact release date for " Bond 25 ," viewers have the hope that the studio has already chosen a distributor for the film. The last four parts of the franchise were created with the support of Sony Studios, which acted as their distributor. After the release of the film "007: SPECTRUM", EON started looking for a new partner. Many Hollywood studios have entered the fight for the rights to Bond, but to date the owners of the franchise have not announced who came out of it as the winner.

In the summer of 2015, it became known that Sam Mendes, director of the films “007: Coordinates of Skyfall” and “ 007: SPECTRUM , was leaving the series. Over the past two years, Guy Ritchie, Paul McGuigan and Christopher Nolan have been wooed into the director's chair of Bond 25 , but EON still hasn't decided who should be entrusted with the work on the new a film about the adventures of the famous British superspy.


The problems with the choice of director are probably due to the fact that the franchise was in limbo after EON Productions refused to renew the contract with Daniel Craig . If the studio still manages to convince the actor to return to the image of Bond , viewers can wait for the continuation of the storyline of " SPECTRUM ". If Daniel refuses the fabulous royalties, the series will have to be rebooted. Fortunately, the owners of the franchise already have several very worthy candidates for the role of agent 007 .


Fans of the series can only hope that the leadership of EON will soon share with the public the latest news on the progress of work on " Bond 25 ".

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Author: Jake Pinkman